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Out of 16 large bands 8 has chosen their tune and 4 chose Good Morning. Despers, Renegades,XO and Skiffle will be giving us their version of it

I always feel it is better to play a tune that no one is playing, you get a better mark from the judges, that's just my opinion.

So we have Zanda, Duvone, BJ and Pelham and Odie. Kendell and Mark trying to show us who will have the best GOOD MORNING, good luck to all.

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Good morning, nice chune.

Ah her BOOGSIE playing "RED WHITE AND BLACK" ... don't know if it is the 2012 version or a new song or some other version!

Boogsie running away with the Panorama with Red, White and Black, leaving chaos with the judges trying to figure out who Good Morning was most polite.


It's just like having a test piece. I have heard In My house by Despers, Pantonic, Starlift and Despers USA.
I listened to Picture on My Wall by the same bands with totally different arrangements by Bradley.
Also not forgetting Music in We Blood and Mama Dis Is Mas - North Stars, Highlanders and Desperadoes. When several bands play the same tune I think it makes it much easier to compare performances.
So let them all play Good Morning or whatever and see how it goes. It should make for an interesting competition.



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