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GREGORY LINDSAY yuh get silent like HILLARY and OBAMA when you should be barking like Omarosa as these CRUCIAL ELECTIONS are fast approaching ...

Gregory: You are the man who started this WHOLE youthful revolution in PAN TRINBAGO -- giving voice to the VOICELESS. Now all kinda people running with your baton setting up all kinda individual video platforms and pan programs and you do not have your face in front of ONE CAMERA.

I am calling on you to STEP UP and TAKE CHARGE. The revolution you started ON THE STREET has now shifted to SOCIAL MEDIA and we need you to MAKE THE SHIFT.

So let us get this VIDEO BROADCAST started. Make sure that you fill out your nomination form for PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER (time is running out) and after that let us start sending YOUR MESSAGE to PAN LOVERS around THE WORLD -- straight from THE MECCA.


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Support the revolution...

Claude and ODW ,

Well received and noted with many thanks..

Warmest regards...


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