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Well GUYANESE MUSIC FANS are suddenly coming out of the MUDLANDS with the PRODUCTION OF OIL. And CHUTNEY SOCA has become a vehicle to bring their CREATIVITY to the OUTSIDE WORLD. But they hit a BUMP IN THE ROAD when they entered THE TRINIDAD CHUTNEY SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION with the BEST SONGS thinking that they were GOING TO WIN.

What a shock they got when the best they could do with THE TRINIDAD JUDGES is FIFTH PLACE.

Now, they should not be dismayed because I took a look at some of their work and I AM CERTAIN their SOCA CHUTNEY ARTISTES are going to gain MORE GLOBAL ACCLAIM in the NEXT FIVE YEARS than their TRINIDAD COUNTERPARTS.

They are so upset they are talking about breaking up the SOCA CHUTNEY ALLIANCE  that I referred to in an earlier post. But I would encourage them NOT TO DO SO -- because they NEED THE NUMBERS. And THE TRINIDAD SOCA CHUTNEY COMMUNITY outside of TRINIDAD will be more open to supporting them THAN THE LOCALS.

THE GUYANESE CHUTNEY SOCA ARTISTES in NEW YORK are headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION and I am sure that they are going to BREAK SOMETHING BIG and INTERNATIONAL in the NEXT TWO YEARS. I don't see that happening for the TRINIDAD CHUTNEY SOCA ARTISTES. You really don't have to know much about MAINSTREAM MUSIC to figure that out.

So I am urging the GUYANESE to LOOK PAST today's results and stay on course with your HYBRIDIZING of the SOCA and I am sure THE REWARDS will be GRAND!!!

The winner of this CHUTNEY SOCA MONARCH eerily reminded me of our PANORAMA ARRANGERS where they take everything they hear and know and just throw it into the arrangement. Sometimes going 4 to 5 minutes without ever TOUCHING THE MELODY. This winning CHUTNEY SONG went down that same road in my books straying so far from the essence of the genre -- especially THE LIVE PRODUCTION last night.

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You really bigging up those ppl.  Nice critique.  Now just hope they don't act like a trini now.... if you know what I mean.  You really make me keen to follow this new thing.  You say NYC and right away I thinking Liberty Avenue bcz I strolled that ave many times.  Well... as you say... good luck in their undertaking.

Brenda H.


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