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Dr. Jit Samaroo! - Steelband Arranger Extraordinaire!!!

Remembering - Dr. Jit Samaroo - Steelband Arranger Extraordinaire!!!


Global - Dr. Jit Sukha Samaroo (Musician, Panist, Composer, and steel pan arranger) was born in Surrey Village in the Lopinot Valley, Trinidad, on 24 February 1950, the sixth of Sookram and Lakia Samaroo’s thirteen children. His love for music manifested itself at a very early age, influenced perhaps by his mother, who played the Dholak, and by ‘parang’, a Spanish-derived musical art form for which Lopinot is famous. Jit played the cuatro and guitar and at Christmas time, would accompany the village paranderos in their traditional house-to-house serenading.
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There are no words to describe this man or his contribution to the Steelband Fraternity Worldwide!!!! Closer to home he has been a stalwart with Renegades, where I had the honor of working under his astute and unique arrangements. Althought now illness has deprived him of much greater successes....his mark will never be forgotten.......or surpassed!!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Jit.........you're one of a kind!!!!!!

I do not know why Dr Jit Samaroo stepped away from the Panorama fray. The word is that it was health related.

However, as a fan of the steelband movement, I do know that he is one of our best.


Happy birthday, Dr Jit Samaroo.



Happy Birthday Jit.

Big up to Dr. Jit. You are indeed one of the all time greats.


Best wishes to Pan Maestro Jit on his birthday. A genius whose humility defined his personality...maybe a lesson for lesser mortals who could never fill his shoes. Stay smiling, Bro. Hope to see you in the 'engine room' again...

Birthday greetings Dr. Jit. Best of health and continue to enjoy!!!!! 

happy birthday to you JIT.

Since 1987 my life has not been the same because of Jit Samaroo and  playing with Renegades in 1989 (Somebody) Is still a life highlite -  As was hearing those bass for the first time at the Hilton! Happy Bday Jit

Happy Birthday, Sir. This post by Pan Times acknowledges your many and varied contributions to music through PAN.

Wishing Dr. Jit Samaroo all the best on his earth day, and many more to come. A true genius!


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