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Glenroy, have a blessed day my brother and thanks for all that you have shared with us.

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Have a Beautiful Video day Glenroy and I hope you have many more (Don't forget as you get older your Finger is very important, lol) This song is especially for you enjoy.


Happy Birthday Glenroy from When Steel Talks... 

Birthday greetings

gd mng to u my friend just a few lines to wish u a happy birthday  may u live to see many more n have a blessed day by the way i have some great news for u  i will b inducted into the Bermuda music hall of fame  this weekend i will b the youngest in there  anyway ttyl  keep up the great job Brant


Brant, I just notice your comment and I want to congratulate you on being "inducted into the Bermuda music hall of fame", maybe Glenroy will elaborate on this for us, nice nice

Happy Blessed Birthday, Glenroy. Enjoy your day . Winston

Birthday Greetings to you Sir, have a good one!

Glenroy you are one in a million. I am sure the earth shook with joy the day you were born. I'm sure it continues to shake yearly in celebration of your birth. I am helping this year. Blessed earthstrong birthday to you sir.
Hey Glenroy , if you can add the Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday Song , we can all sing along . Blessings , Winston

Glenroy, may you enjoy an exceptionally  wonderful birthday and may the Good Lord bless you to enjoy many, many more. Keep up the excellent work you are doing for Pan Times and continue to send us all those wonderful songs from your musical library.

Blessings to you my brother.



Good health and best wishes to you, Glenroy. May you share with us many more archival material. Raffique

Cecil is this Glenroy or MR.JOSEPH (lol)

Happy birthday Glenroy, keep the flames burning; our mantra is: pan is a journey not a destination.


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