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Hey Cecil, all dem Pans was on floats last night on d Avenue!! Hard luck MAN!! Doh let it sour yuh day. Have a GREAT DAY Today!

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I eh bothering with merrytonestothebone and Gerard Clarke. I get all the validation I could ever get Saturday night when I hear all dem STEELBANDS JAMMING CALYPSO in what I would consider to be the GREATEST PAN SHOW I have seen in decades. Meh head still buzzing. Authentic and original TRINIDAD CULTURE on display: STEELBAND and CALYPSO.

The selection of songs still has me mesmerized (as much as I talk PROGRESSIVE MUSIC -- ah still have my youthful musical fixations like everybody else) and the size of the bands with the dominant rhythm sections and the location of the event and the non-competitive aura of the music and the elevation of the musicians (on the TRUCKS -- sorry Cecil) and the mixture of the crowd and the fact that we were not trying to imitate anybody's music (unless we rendered it in CALYPSO TEMPO like the GREAT SILVER STARS did) ... and on and on until the last note at 11:39 PST.

Merrytonestothebone: Ah try so hard to earn the respect of Gerard Clarke and he still gone and "et tu Brute" meh with you -- ah tell Cecil dem fellahs in  the Mecca have ah ting against EXPATS and he eh believe meh. But ah glad yuh give me the report -- he good had meh fool.

Claude…yuh have it wrong boy...Clarkie ent bad talk yuh…he bad listen yuh…lol…ah tell allyuh dat man is de best politician since Panday...

Merrytones, let's straighen this out. You seem to be giving the impression that I was in some kinda bad taking session with you about Claude Gonzales. You spoke and spoke most of which I did not hear as it was a bit noisy and pretended to listen as I looked at you.Stand on your own with this and don't look for my support about bad talking the man. 

Gerard: Is joke merrytonestothebone making -- and he know that I understand that. Sometimes the timbre of the exchange gets LOST IN TRANSLATION because of the medium. DOH WORRY GERARD!!! Ah coming and stay by you when I come down for PAN ON D AVENUE VI. And ah bringing Cecil too. Ah hope yuh have room.

The only thing I vex about is how Bertel Gittens put all dem people in that picture for the NEW ORGANIZATION and I eh even get ah NEGATIVE in dey.

Merrytones just making joke!!!

Claude yuh see de same t'ing I was sayin'…de man wasn't even hearin' meh…fus he was bad listenin' meh...

merrytones,  Gerard throw yuh below the bus boi, why he lookin to distance he-self from yuh so. yuh have Zika or wah? he say, he was listening but he aint hear, it went in one ear and out the other, he also said at one time he only saw yuh jaws clappin but he wasn't hearin no sound, ah feel Claude threaten to sue him for misrepresentation yuh better look out, you might be next. LOLOLOLOLOL

Cecil to design racks to move freely means motorizing each rack. This was put to the licencing office through members of bands who work there. Each rack will have to be licensed and insured like vehicles on the road and that cost will be extremely high then you must have motors for each rack.

Clarkie: Why are you always trying to bring R-E-A-L-I-T-Y to this forum? Let the EXPATS dream their DREAMS and live out their lives in quiet desperation.



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