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When Steel Talks extends birthday greetings to Ian Franklin.

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Happy Birthday Ian,

Good month to be born ...all the very best my brother


Greetings and Happy Birthday to the Encyclopedia of Pan Guidance Dr. Lance S

Happy Birthday Ian, GOD bless.

Happy Birthday Ian, You Pick ah Good Month to be Born, The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, you will forever be Blessed,  

Happy Birthday Ian!  Thanks for all you do to promote pan.

Many happy returns; here's to many more.........and I don't mean just stats : ]

Mr. Franklin!  It's Stephen, Chris Bert's friend.  Why is every body wishing you a happy birthday, when it's your Moms who gave birth?  LOL.  Wishing you many, many healthy ones.  How's your family?

Happy birthday to one of the hills finest!

Happy Birthday to you, Ian. Hope you see a lot more, in good health.

Ian, Greetings with lots of Blessings and Guidance. Enjoy.

Thanks to all who extended Best Birthday wishes to me and family.

Love Peace and Pan.

Mainly: WST, Salah, Lance, Cecil, Bede, Barbara, A.L, Stephen, Quiet, Curtis, Steve and all the other well wishes.


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