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Happy Birthday to Master Tuner Bertram “Birch” Kelman - September 9

When Steel Talks extends Birthday Greetings to master Pan Tuner extraordinaire - the great Bertram “Birch” Kelman.  

More on this iconic master craftsman...

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Happy Birthday Blessings , Burch, may thei Lord grant you continued good health and strength . Enjoy your day , you are one of the most prolific tuners I know .Sweet Sweet pan .

Birthday Greetings Mr Kelman, GOD bless.

Many happy returns. Many more!

.........Happy Birthday my friend, hope you can get a ride back to B'klyn on Fri......#musicaltribute.......#Quarless........

"""Happy Birthday to The Best Pan Tuner Alive Today. Betrand 'Butch' Kelman. God Bless. Long Life - Good Health.

Mr. Bertrand Kelman, you have my heartfelt admiration and respect for your contribution and selfless sharing of your gifts and talent in the development and promotion of the culture and history of steel pan music of Trinidad and Tobago. Rarely seen are the faces of the phenomenally talented men responsible for the tuning of the steel pans from which emanate such sweet and beautiful sounds. You are truly one of a kind and deserve to be honored and recognized.

Happy Birthday to you, and may the Good Lord bless you with longevity and good health and may you continue to share with the world your God-given talents and artistry as a Master Pan Tuner.

A very happy birthday to you Birch and hope that you have a blessed day and live to see many many more

good day, who is using Mr. Andre's page? Ant he died?

Happy and Blessed birthday Butch. May God continue to richly bless you


Once in a while there is someone like Mr. Kelman.  We recall that a small side of very young pan players from Dominica arrived in Barbados to participate in the 7-a-side competition which included sides from Hells Gate, Invaders and other professional bands.  Our pans had been poorly handled by the airline and upon arrival were all off tune.  We set up at the venue for a rehearsal and realized how off tune the instruments really were.  This grey haired gentleman came over to me and said quietly, "the pans need tuning".  I remember saying as quietly, "yes, but we do not have a tuner here".  The grey haired gentleman, who we had never seen or heard before then said, "I coming".  He went to his bag took out a hammer and the rest is history.  Those pans never sounded so sweet and to crown it all, that group of youngsters, came 5th beating out some of the big name groups in the competition.  Mr. Kelman, you became a "Dominican" then and in the hearts of our pan players, here will always be "a nature islander".


Happy birthday, Sir.


Athie Martin for the young pan players of Dominica, The Nature Island of the Caribbean


Happy birthday "Bee" hope you enjoy your day it's your one love.

Happy earthstrong Birch


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