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Happy Birthday to panist, arranger and educator Salah Wilson

When Steel Talks extends birthday greeting to panist, arranger and educator Salah Wilson

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Happy birthday sir!!!

Well ...... Thank you Terry

Happy Birthday Salah, you are born in a Blessed Month, hoping to meet you in person one day, enjoy your Birthday

And remember "there is nothing sweeter than Pan", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XX3ufJBnN0

My brother Bede,

thank you man ...would love to meet in person also..

Yes "Nothing Sweeter Than Pan" ..I have an updated version of the arrangement for this song  ...willl send you a copy ...stay well and thanks


Looking forward for the Update to see what you did,Thks

I do hope you will have many more enjoyable and healthy birthdays.

I always appreciate your level headed  views on this pan forum.

Terry (USVI).

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your kind words

Hi Junior,

Thanks brother ....keep playing them Quads ..I keep listening

Hello Salah,

                   Happy Birthday

Hi Ian,

Thank you very much

Happy Birthday Salah



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