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Happy Birthday to panist Robert Greenidge 4-28-20

When Steel Talks extends birthday greetings to Champion Panorama  arranger and performing artist Robert Greenidge.

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Thanks Mr. Goddard for hi-lighting the positives of my beloved Laventille.  I am doing my best to help the future "academians" of laventille realize their aspirations. Ian Franklin 

Oh if they only knew, Ian. No "Black" Laventille, no victory by the PNM, and no independence from Britain. Respect to the "Lamplighters" - the "intellectuals from up de hill".


good morning robert happy belated birthday greetings from ness and all others from the witco desperadoes and hope you had a wonderful day' bye arthur ness roberts

The firsrt time I heard you solo was at.' Pan In ThE Hollows' This was 1969 and you played 'Girl From Epanema' with Despers.You were amazing then and went on to have a stellar unblemished career.Happy birthday and keep rocking.

Happy birthday, Robbie, wishing you the best

Happy Birthday Robert, have a joyous & blessed Day, Ron.

Birthday greetings with the best of health ans spiritual vibrations 

Happy birthday...The fire still coming down!

Happy Birthday Robbie and best wishes for the future

Owen Serrette

Happy Birthday to you Robbie and best wishes and good health for the future

Owen Serrette

Happy Birthday Robert and may God bless you with good health and long life

injoy it.

happy b day  robert  with many more good years 2 come god bless


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