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When Steel Talks extends birthday greeting to champion arranger panorama arranger Robert Greenidge.

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Happy Birthday! we wish you many more healthy, happy ones. Enjoy your day!

Holly, Jenny & Kendall

Hi Robi, Happy Birthday, enjoy your day.

Continued success in all you...

"Musical Volcano" / Bernadette Paul & Robert Greenidge (1991)

Happy birthday to you Rob. Thank you for all you have done
and continue to do.

Happy Birthday Bro....


Happy Birthday Robert enjoy the Moment, thank you for all the sweet music you have shared with Desperadoes and me over the years..peace!

Happy Day Bob. 

Hi Bob, Happy Birthday and thank you for the Music. Enjoy the Day.

Robert Greenidge is one of the main reasons I'm so disappointed in the progress of pan. I;ve been a musician for the greater part of my life and traveled enough to be an authority on the subject. Lets step out of our natural genre Calypso/soca for a minute and focus on music period. All the big names from Stevie Wonder to Liberace,to Sammy Davis jr and the list goes on but they are all greats at their art, can anyone who has heard a standard performance by Greenidge tell me that his style, his speed, his smoothness and unigue soloing variations doesnt measure up to be displayed on all the media and concert halls accross the globe?  Am I being bias because he is a trini like I am . I have attended shows by Winnifred Artwell and compared her to Liberace and I felt the same sense of disappointment to the level of her success but I passed it off as being a biased trini. Now that I have traveled and seen many artists of high calibre I yearn to see my people among them now that I know they truly belong there..By the way happy birthday Robbie, Before my time is up I sincerely hope to see you on either the big screen or TV so the youths of pan can see you as the role model  you are...To be honest I think T&T has the most talented people in show business,  we have the product but we have a marketing problem...



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