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The real Starlift Steel Orchestra, Christmas day 1956 to present 60 years of sweet pan music.

Thank you to all past and present

I'll raise a glass of Angostura 1824 to you tomorrow

Randi Curvan

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Celebrating the BIRTH day of a new movement in PANORAMA music...The first "own composition" to be played at a Panorama Competition. Ray Holman's "Pan On The Move", sung By Singing Dianne with lyrics from the pen of Alvin Daniel.

Starlift - Pan On The Move (1972)


Starlift Steel Orchestra "I feel Pretty" (1963) arranged by Ray Holman

Starlift Steel Orchestra - Sparrow's "Jane"(1969)

there is another  famous STARLIFT, VINCI  STARLIFT WILL BE  50 YEARS OLD 2017 AND THEY ARE THE WINNINGEST BAND IN THE WORLD. 21 PANORAMA WINS OVER 49 YEARS. We will make it 22 next panorama.

The GENISIS of VINCI STARLIFT comes thru one man,   The  late WALTON TANNIE PETERS, builder/tuner, panist, arranger, composer, mas man, policeman, carpenter, a man of many colours.. STARLIFT IS THE PRIDE OF  ST VINCENT...paddy corea  ALUMNII..


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