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When Steel Talks extends well wishes to arranger Pelham Goddard on his birthday.  Few have impacted the Carribean music landscape as Pelham Goddard. He has penned or co-written some of the greatest tunes in Caribbean music history.

The Hammer, Calabash, Is Mas, Mister Robbie, The Power and Glory, Good News, The Iron Band and Dus in Deh Face among many, many others are all part of Pelham's great music works.


Sample of songs written by P. Goddard:
“The Hammer, “Savannah Party,” “Happy Song,” “Panama,” “Dedication,” “Play My Music,” “The Unknown Band,” “The Band Plays On,” “Jungle Fever,” “Calalloo” and “Calabash,” - all flowed from the musical pen of Pelham Goddard. His synthesizer solo on “Woman On The Bass” is just a ‘sample’ of his synth work, being the first musician to use the synthesizer in calypso music.

Other distinguished music works from Pelham Goddard:
“Is Mas,” “Family Affair,” “Tribute to the Old,” “Mister Robbie,” “Trini Prance,” “The Plan,” “Suck Finger Baby,” “Non-stop Fete,” “The Case of Disappearing Panyards,” “Olympic Mas,” “Sunshine and You,” “Latin Soca,” “Outta Hand,” “Soca Tassa Festival,” “Winer Girl,” “The Power and the Glory,” “Jump Up,” “The Iron Band,” “Dust in Dey Face,” “Rat Race,” “Simple Thing,” “Raise Yuh Foot,” “Jump for Joy,” “Voodoo Soca Man,” “Jump Up,” “Honky Tonk Soca” and “Parade.

Sample of songs arranged/produced in studio by P. Goddard

  • 1977 - Tempo (Calypso Rose)

  • 1978 - Soca Jam (Calypso Rose)

  • 1980 - Soca Baptist (Superblue)

  • 1981 - Ethel (Superblue)

  • 1983 - Rebecca (Superblue)

  • 1988 - Dis Party is It (Chris ‘Tambu’ Herbert)

  • 1989 - Free Up, Free Up (Chris ‘Tambu’ Herbert)

  • 1989 - The Journey (Chris ‘Tambu’ Herbert)

  • 1990 - No, No, We Eh Goin’ Home (Chris ‘Tambu’ Herbert)

  • 1986 - Bahia Girl (David Rudder)

  • 1992 - Wine on Something (Superblue)


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happy birthday Uncle Pelham!!!! All the best

Very Happy Birthday Grand-Maestro! 

Happy birthday Pelham have a good one on me and i hope to see you soon.



Happy Birthday Pelham and projected success for the coming carnival season!

Hi Pelham,

Happy birthday.Live to see ve4y many more


Happy birthday , Pelham. Blessings.


happy happy Birthday to you Pelham May God continue to bless you with good health, wealth. May you always have the strength to create excellent music.


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