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Happy Birthday Glenroy from all the folks at When Steel Talks.



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Go Glenroy.............may you live to see many many more of these days
Have a Wonderful day and may you live to see many more!!!
Happy Birthday Glenroy keep it coming all the  best.

God bless Glenroy.


Happy B/day Mr Joseph..

Sorry I'm late but happy birthday nonetheless. hope you had agreat time.

Randi Curvan

Happy Birthday Glenroy and may the God Lord continue to bless you with many, many more years of birthdays. I thoroughly enjoy your your contributions to "When Steel Talks"


Keep up the great work and may the "Great Architect Of The Universe" continue to give you the knowledge and strength to contribute to this wonderful organization WST of which I am proud to be a member.


Take care and keep well


have yourself a good one glenroy...you deserve it....and bring on the bands.

Happy Birthday Mr. Glenroy Joseph. I thank you for all the wonderful music and commentary that you have so kindly shared with the community of WST. We are greatly appreciative. May God bless you.


May you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday, and may it carry over with good health, contentment and happiness throughout the coming year.  I certainly have appreciated all the great music  you post.  Keep up the good work.  All the best.

Yes big-up, Glenroy!!!  One more good year lived well.




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