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Happy Thanksgiving to the WST Steelpan Music Family Worldwide

WST America, WST Europe, WST Africa, WST Japan, WST Caribbean, WST Austrialia, WST South America and WST Mars... LOL

Peace and Pan! 

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And Happy Thanksgiving to Pan Times, When Steel Talks and all my Steel Pan family out there (DO NOT TALK TODAY, JUST GOBBLE GOBBLE)

Why do we always have to be slaves of the american culture? Thanksgiving is a USA celebration and nothing global

like the celebration of Christmas, Easter or the New Year. WST members who live in other countries have nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Well Dr. Bobb;

As "people from Mars (Lord Kitchener's "Marzicans")  we personally do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Easter, Eid, Christmas or even Birthdays. However, many of the members of WST do. So, it takes nothing from us to greet them in the spirit in which they celebrate these occasions in their countries and nationalities, and "adopted" nationalities.  If we knew the days - for example -of the key Japanese holidays and celebrations we would acknowledge them too - there are many Japanese pan fans.

Again Peace and Pan

Why Turkeys hate Thanksgiving? Let us all give thanks every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all WST family !!!!!!!!!  PEACE , LOVE  and PAN  .

To DR med Hugh A M Bobb: Don't damn the bridge . >  Thanksgiving has nothing to do with being slaves to the American culture .   > If you live here  in the U.S.A.  love it, enjoy the freedom , >  free speech, + celebrate the holidays too. Maybe the >  Pilgrims did not land in the Caribbean but there is a day recognised for  Christopher Columbus . 

Thank you WST

Thankyou to the Most High Creator for life, health, a job, family,  friends,  pan

There is so much to be thankful for .........thanks in advance for peace and tolerance

Happy thanksgiving to All


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