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Harlem’s Day - Steel Orchestra helps Celebrate 35 Years - CASYM plays at Harlem Day’s tribute to Michael Jackson

Harlem, USA - One of the greatest and most fertile grounds for the arts, literature and entertainment is that celebrated place in uptown New York known as ‘Harlem.’ Its musical and artistic legacy is unparalleled. Today was the 35th anniversary of Harlem Day, and the steelpan instrument through CASYM Steel Orchestra was part of that commemoration of this rich cultural history and tapestry.

This year’s event was particularly special in that it was dedicated to the late great superstar Michael Jackson. The theme of the celebration was “We are the World.” Tens of thousands of attendees poured over the five-block zone that was transformed into a grand village of music, health and living historical nuggets.
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harlem all-stars harlem all-stars.
calling harlem all-stars
john hendy and emerson and all of the pan men and pan women in harlem.
flag lady?? where have Harlem All-Stars gone?
you are needed more than ever!!!
I'll tell you what happen to some of Harlem All Stars. They disbanded for lack of a place to practise at. Some of them has passed away. Some of them like myself have retired. To name a few. Patsy. Pops. Yankee Boy, Scratch,Rudolf King, Barber, Michael.Sammy, Clyde Crithlow, Clyde Holder and at seventy-five years of age, I cannot remember the rest by name. Tahzann!
thank you sir for your speedy reply. any chance of getting back up and having a presence?
hi tahzann michael is in st.johns u.s.v.i. scratch is still with us [at 82yrs] plays conga and tenor pan
Hi! To all Harlem All Stars Steel Orchestra fans and friends the band is still going on pan yard address 206east 118st. between 3rd. and 2nd. ave. 6-8 tues.and thurs. 1-6p.m. sat. come and enjoy


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