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Hatters Better Ask Madam-President For Some Okra Seeds -- The Cryptocurrency of the Pan World!

In her economic recovery effort, the good Madam-President informed us that she is planting the land in Trincity. While I wonder how much okra, pigeon peas and hot pepper need be harvested to replace the multimillions that was stolen by the last Executive (See the Audit), I am sure that she can throw in a few seeds to get Hatters well on the way to market. BTW - Will the pigeon peas be ready in time for pelau season next year? lol. (Marketing, marketing; that's where I belong. Among other places. lol. A George Carlin classic line!) Ah gorne. Georgie...de N-word you love to hate with a new song...

♫Ah was plannin tuh fuhget Pan-O-Rama ♫An go an plant peas wit Big Mama ♫But I am afraid ♫Diaz grab he blade♫ BOSSMAN FROM HELL.

(Maybe, Gittens could explain the former Chief's "badjohn" ways. Or, see the town hall meeting clip on YouTube...don't matter to me.)

PHOTOS: Me planning to forget Panorama, to go and plant peas with Big Mama.

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Hmmmm something starting to change and move forward?

Brenda H.


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