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HOLA Encore Livestream Concert Trinidad Tobago Pavillion Expo2020 Exportt

Join the virtual audience for: Heal Our Land - The Concert | Visit the T&T Country Pavilion to WIN! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2021 AT 5 PM – 7 PM
Visit https://bit.ly/holaencore . Get your ticket Now, and a chance to Win Amazing prizes**

Enjoy the spectrum of diverse genres of music that makes the culture of Trinidad and Tobago such a rich panoramic landscape of inclusive talents.
The HOLA Encore concert is for the world of music enthusiasts to enjoy. You will see all the influences of a variety of cultures. Our Latin American influences with masterful string music compilations , the songs and music of the 60s, classically trained and chorale performance artistry, along with our local musicians presenting calypso favorites.
For our Global community, HOLA Encore is a winning contribution to all nations and genres of music appreciation
Most compellingly, the Steelpan music of Trinidad and Tobago will be center stage at the Trinidad and Tobago Pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Steelpan Tuners’ Guild of Trinidad and Tobago (STGTT), and, Sanch Electronix Limited (SANCH) will present *#GPS; GLOBALLY POSITIONING STEELPAN* at the Trinidad and Tobago Pavilion during Expo 2020 Dubai. Visit bit.ly/holaencore for ticket info

--exporTT is proud to have Sanch Electronix Limited as an outstanding sponsor to the Trinidad and Tobago Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.
According to owner, Sandiford, or “Mr. Sanch”, “Heal Our Land is most appropriate for adoption/adaptation as a theme to combat and conquer some of today’s perilous challenges such as COVID-19, natural disasters, conflict, racial prejudice, gender inequality, child abuse, and global warming.” Click links below to access the concert and support this great initiative. Read full text here https://exportt.co.tt/2021/09/29/join

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Story Time with Mr. Sanch – HOLA Proffers and Propels Prodigious Projects Passionately

Recorded live at @The Little Carib Theatre and Folk House on August 14th, 2016 - the edited HD video Heal our Land will be streamed as HOLA ENCORE on Saturday October 30th, 2021, to commemorate the climax of the first month of @Expo 2020 Dubai.

@Sanch Electronix Limited (SANCH) and @Anthony Duncan, Secretary of Steelpan Tuners’ Guild of T&T (STGTT), are co-exhibitors at the Trinidad and Tobago Pavilion, facilitated by @ExporTT. Their mission is to discover, nurture and enable strategic partnerships through which our national musical instrument will provide a sustainable global market for STGTT members. The steelpan will also be the preferred vehicle for facilitating music literacy - a component of the proprietary Pan in Education curriculum, which is itself a subset of the business model One Caribbean Voice (OCV).

Although OCV was conceptualized in 1997 based on a @John Arnold composition for @Signal Hill Alumni Choir; its DNA is clearly traceable to 1974 when I was assigned to @Bureau of Indian Standards (then Indian Standards Institution) and @National Physical Laboratory, five months after assisting my Alma Mater @St. Mary’s College to secure eight national scholarships including the Jerningham Gold Medal in Science (Keith Ramesar) and Mathematics Open (Keith Chu Cheong).

OCV was first presented in Spanish on Thursday May 22nd, 2014, by @Anabel Fernandez Santana at a forum during Cuba Disco - an annual musical extravaganza facilitated by @Instituto Cubano de la Musica (CIM). Rawle Gibbons, founder of @Centre for Creative and Festival Arts (The UWI Open Campus) had previously initiated dialogue between CIM and SANCH.

The Pan in Education syllabus is being developed in conjunction with the @National Training Agency and the Curriculum Division of the @Ministry of Education-TT among other stakeholders, for training and certifying music industry professionals (MIPS) in the disciplines of Music Literacy, Music Production, ICT, Technical English, Business and Social Studies.

Future generations of MIPS will create products and services for education, entertainment, relaxation, and therapy using emerging technologies such as Steelpan Tuning Hydroforming Press process, @Dolby Vision HDR and Virtual Holography with their A/V intellectual property protected by the Universal Digital Rights Management System – ‘VERICAST’ in conjunction with @Pylon Support Services and @Microsoft amidst blessings from @Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon.

STGTT and SANCH cordially thank you for supporting the evolution of this revolutionary digital ecosystem for Trinidad and Tobago by patronizing HOLA ENCORE.


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