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Honeymoon over: Boogsie dumps "Sokah" and says "Hello" to Kees


Legendary pan arranger Len Boogsie Sharpe is apologising to Nailah Blackman and her camp for dropping her song, ‘Sokah’, as the tune of choice for Phase II Pan Groove.

Sharpe told Loop that while he was close to finishing the ‘Sokah’ arrangement, Kees Dieffenthaller's ‘Hello’ on the Folklore Riddim took over his mind, body and soul.

He said he heard ‘Hello’ at a Christmas party in the panyard and it kept playing in his head.

 “It is a great song. I want to apologise to Nailah and her whole crew for not holding on to the song, it was a tough decision I had to make,” he said.

While performing at Hakwai Clan’s City fete on Saturday night, Blackman announced that Phase II would no longer be playing her song.

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Cecil: Like yuh is ah real OBEAH MAN, boy. Yuh was right: BOOGSIE EH PLAYING "SOKAH"!!!

Dem LOCALS chasing Jamaican; they chasing Zouk; they chasing R&B; and now they chasing African.

One set ah SLOW crossovers seeping into the PANORAMA and then dem arrangers going to be adding all kinda JAZZ.

The only redeeming factor is that the judges and dem BEEN AROUND -- and they sure to give the FIRST PRIZE to an energetic and blazing piece of SOCA.

Dey choice getting smaller and smaller!!!

When Zanda arranged for Siparia Deltones he always had a cutting edge arrangement and he always chose a "off key" tune, but they paid no attention to what he was doing. He went and did the same thing with Despers and "bam" everything change, everybody looking to play different music.

Boogsie only know how to put down good music and 2018 will be no different, this year he'll be tellin the judges "HELLO" I hope they listen and understand what he is saying.

Is this a first... just curious #bostoncarnivalvilage 

Sharpe choose the far better tune.  Case closed.  Talk done



TWO MIND DOES MISS!!! So ah expecting BOOGSIE to MISS BIG TIME in this 2018 PANORAMA!!!

The guy forgot about how to choose a song, it's been so long, anyhow he won't have that problem next year because he have the ability to compose he own sokah song.


When was the last time Boogsie compose a tune that anyone wanted to hear in a party?


Bugs, Boogsie composed music for panorama, this year he's doing ah song that they might play in a party.

The arrangers that are playing Riddims this year clearly have something to say -

"Voice  - Year for Love" - Upeodo Riddim

"Voice & Marge Blackman - Full of Vibe" - Decision Riddim

"Kess  - Hello" - Folklore Riddim

I believe if Maestro Bradley were alive - he would pick one of these three songs - just because he could. These songs are not full of Bacchanal - but they say a lot and have great Rhythm, especially the first two. The artists had something very deep to say and wanted to catch your attention with the words as well as the music.  Good or bad they got the message across - if not to the Pan community then worldwide since I hear all three of these riddims sometime every day on the radio (I'm in the US).  Maybe be its time for another arrangement 1st in winning arrangements. (Just my opinion)  I applaud Boogsie for taking on "Hello" he clearly heard the call to step out of the box,  I am excited to hear their arrangement.

Boogsie been steppin out of the box his entire career breds

Can't wait to hear what he does with the bass section in this jumbie beat...all in LOVE.

Kes - Hello (Folklore Riddim)


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