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How is AQUIL ARRINDELL or ROBERT HERNANDEZ ever going to become PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO if they are are afraid to CONFRONT BEVERLEY ...

If these two cannot CONFRONT the CORRUPTION in PAN TRINBAGO with BEVERLEY writing checks to herself and the SECRETARY spending tens of thousands on personal items and THE TREASURER closing her eyes to BEVERLEY STEALING MILLIONS -- how could they manage PAN PROGRESS if they are elected. Maybe I have an axe to grind because neither of these two candidates ever hired me as CAMPAIGN MANAGER and now BEVERLY IS BLAZING THEM WITH LICKS.

She say that she got over 280 bands to sign on to her continuation of office -- and that is a BLATANT LIE.

And these two SUPPOSED SAVIOURS OF PAN sit down quietly while CLAUDE GONZALES who thinks that PAN MUSIC IS GARBAGE continues to fight for PAN PROGRESS -- dat eh right!!!

We do not need maricón men in office.


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Claude your concussion will remain permanent.  Everyone you have champion against the Bev has taken a severe thumping  From Diaz to Aquil.  The bands have spoken. The want the Bev. 

The Queen Bev is making you and your boys look desperate, discombobulated and lying.  Because of the damage your boy De-ass did, no matter what the Bev does she still looks good.

Who would have thought this was going to be sequel the movie?.

Ah Lie?

Bugs: I have never used my PAN CREDENTIALS on THIS FORUM ... I skirt around my credentials while I push for PAN PROGRESS ... but I have always respected you. So if you want to learn some stuff about my PAN CREDENTIALS  and you can read it and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ... I will ENLIGHTEN YOU. I know how differently polarized we are politically -- because I am a  REAL TRINIDADIAN -- I eh come on no boat. But I am 73 years old and likely to DIE SOON so I better expose my hand or DIE SILENT.

Here is one of my email addresses (musicfromthetropics@yahoo,com) send me an email -- but I hope that you have the stomach to read MY CONTRIBUTIONS TO PAN and not reveal it ... keep it secret as I did without showing my CARDS ... because that is not what I am about ... but as a real TRINIDADIAN ... I like old talk ... and that is all this forum is about OLE TALK. Promise not to talk and I will tell you who CLAUDE GONZALES is in relation to PAN PROGRESS.


I can't speak about what I don't know. Your secrets are safe. Let's keep it that way.

Pan Trinbago is a failed institution, It is a one event manager. An inordinate amount of time is spent on the topic of Pan Trinbago. Pan Progress should not be linked to Pan Trinbago.



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