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I beg to disagree, Emancipation Day Parade was the wrong place

debate; agree or disagree. plz be respect all views.

by Michael Marcano:

I beg to disgree with all who think the Emancipation Day Parade was the wrong place for pan people to let there voices be heard. Emancipation is all about struggle and yes we have been physically freed but we are still mentally and financially bound. To say that we should not let our voices be heard is a form of disrespect. In other words you get your freedom so shut your mouth and keep quiet. Dont say anything because the new slave masters (in this case the 5current Administrators of Pantrinbago) is of your own race. Aslongcas we continue to believe such drivel we will never ever gain our freedom. DARE TO STRUGGLE; DARE TO WIN!

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When the WHOLE NATION is watching that is one of the best stages from which to bring to the attention of the public the CORRUPTION IN PAN TRINBAGO. And the IMMEDIATE NEED for a NEW EXECUTIVE.


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