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I estimated the VIEWING AUDIENCE between 850 and 900; it was a hell of a good show; CONGRATULATIONS to EXODUS STEELBAND and AINSWORTH MOHAMMED; THE TRINIS have A LOT OF WORK TO DO!!!

During the FACEBOOK LIVE and chat, TOP TRINIDAD PAN PEOPLE were swearing that TRINIDAD had won. So, clearly, they were hearing something completely different from THE INTERNATIONAL JUDGES.

In a recent posting, Merrytonestothebone said that the genre better suited the AMERICAN PLAYERS -- to that I say ... LOOK WHO CAME SECOND and LOOK WHO CAME THIRD. 

The idea of catching up to anybody is kind of a myth, because the AMERICAN PLAYERS are not sitting down on their laurels. They have their own axes to grind trying to get on the GLOBAL STAGE to represent PAN. And they have to focus on COMPOSITION if they are going to thrive financially.

The TRINIDAD PLAYERS have a LONG ROAD to travel -- but at least THIS EVENT should make them rethink their APPROACH to this EXPRESSION OF THE PAN. And I think that it should be a TEAM EFFORT on a NATIONAL LEVEL.

There should also be a MAJOR PUSH by PAN TRINBAGO to start getting SMALL RECORDING STUDIOS set up in some of the MAJOR PAN YARDS (and a few of the smaller "country" bands). 

This was a BIG STEP FOR PAN!!! Hell, Mercer Ramdoo done use that line already!!!

I had a GREAT TIME; I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the ENTIRE PROCESS, And CONGRATULATIONS to AINSWORTH MOHAMMED because he put so much on the line to PULL OFF THAT SHOW and make it THE GRAND SUCCESS that it was!!!

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Claude...The common thread running through most of the finalists is higher level music education...As the ole adage goes..."Who have more corn, feed more fowl"...Unless T&T panists embrace music education, event at the primary level they will remain second best to most foreigners...

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