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I fully Support the Honorable Beverley Ramsey Moore for the TOP Pan Job of Trinidad and Tobago

I fully Support the Honorable Beverley Ramsey Moore for the top leadership role for Pan in Trinidad and Tobago. Why would someone with her intellect, experience, accomplishments, fair play and fundamental interest in the good of pan be unqualified to be the top leader of Pan?

Women pan players of Trinidad and Tobago should seriously consider not playing for any band that cannot and will not support a female for the Pan leadership position.


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THIS PAID POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT was paid for by the Bugs/Cecil/Odw WST COMMITTEE TO ELECT Beverley Ramsey-Moore!!!


If we're are going to be honest, the most qualified person to run Pan in Trinidad and Tobago doesn't live in Trinidad and Tobago. That person is Dr. Dawn Batson. Unfortunately, T&T killed Honesty too, so that's not about to happen.

The last time I checked only two or three arrangers supported Rolly Polly or the Flims gangsta regime. And you know, only ole, ole, ole people still using flims for D'Photo business, so ain't nobody care about "that one". 

And since they embarrassed Birch Kellman in public, the south gangstas have to shut they mouth or they won't even have a band for Panorama 2019. The tuners don't support dem fellas...

Look Claude even CFO and PRO of commander Twitter in Washington DC FLIP. So now is your chance flip and maybe be heard.

Ms. Moore has brought "Shame" back from the dead and who is now in critical condition and is on "life support" with 24 hour armed guards outside his door. And Shame's doctors are from outside of T&T.

The arrangers like Ms Moore. The tuners like Ms Moore. The players like Ms Moore. Only the single pan and small band mangers don't like Ms Moore and they have been removed from Panorama 2019 by the NCC - so they don't count.



Finally, a name that I have been touting for years. Dr. Dawn Batson. Can't get ANY better. I'd even vote (I don't have a vote) for her to be PT prez in absentia. Better than many.

i await other names for scrutiny. Lotsa dem out there with cosmetic facades.

They can't go wrong with Beverley and Keron at the top of PT.

Absolutely not.

Mercer Ramdoo: Don't tell me that you are jumping on this BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE boat? That boat cannot even DOCK IN TOBAGO. Much less PORT-OF-SPAIN.

Since yuh is meh good pardner I will let you in on a little secret. I done get the election results already and the NEW PRESIDENT is NOT BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE.

Mr Hinkson, should that be Mrs. Beverley or Mr. Keron? because they are both running for the top spot.

Since I obviously don't know any of these people personally , I need more than good intentions to give my support to anyone.

People who   wish to lead the steel-pan organization in the 21st century , into the future must show me more than integrity and good intentions , though those attributes are necessary.

I need to see a plan for the steel-band that goes beyond just replacing the current executives , and spending the government funds more efficiently.

I need to see a plan for the future and growth of the steel-pan as an integral part of the country's tourist economy , which will become more important as the energy sector recedes.

A plan that includes an effort to regain a solid place in the carnival , when the best opportunities to make money for musicians ( and pan players are musicians , aren't they ?) occur.

And I mean a realistic plan ,not a whole lot of wishful thinking about "billion dollar industries".

Anyone who can show me these things  will definitely get my support ( for what it's worth).

Aquil, if they can't work together neither deserve the top spot, I'm Ok with either one at the top.

Keron Valentine was a BIG MAYOR OF PORT OF SPAIN -- yuh want him to come now and run for some VICE PRESIDENT SPOT under BEVERLEY.

I don't think so!!!

I think they tried negotiate already, and both think they have what it takes for president. 

Aouil, In my opinion It's a win win with these two people, I know that I know Beverley want what's best for Steelbands,  she is in this for years, and Keron feels he has a debt of gratitude to Pan Trinbago, for his education, we just have two people that want to do good. I hope steelbands see this.


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