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I have a plan to BEAT OUT Forteau and Joseph and Sheppard despite all their FRAUDULENT PLANNING

But the PLAN will take POLITICAL MATURITY!!! And it will test the INTEGRITY of all those who run around talking about HOW MUCH THEY LOVE PAN (allyuh know that when I first came on THIS FORUM I got cussed out ROYALLY because I did not come on like everybody else and say HOW MUCH I LOVE PAN -- but that is ah different story).

But I am saying if PEOPLE REALLY LOVE PAN and they could show a little bit (ah lil lil bit) of POLITICAL MATURITY we could get SHEPPARD and JOSEPH and FORTEAU out of the office and start implementing all the GRAND IDEAS that all these young new talented PAN PEOPLE are so anxious to bring to the ORGANIZATION.

So I don't think that ALL IS LOST!!!

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