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I have a PROPOSAL for THE FORUM: I want us to get together and hire MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE to do a REPRISE of "MAS" by Lord Melody as played by GUINNESS CAVALIERS!!!

Almost 20,000 PAN LOVERS on THIS FORUM and I am sure that a few of us could chip in some SMALL CHANGE and get this project done.

Why did I pick MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE? Well he is one of the FEW ON THE GROUND PAN MEN ARRANGERS who support THE FORUM. And maybe this could be a BREAK OUT PROJECT FOR HIM.


The most exciting STEELBAND EXPERIENCE in my life was that SUNDAY when GUINNESS CAVALIERS came through the SAVANNAH and MASH UP TOWN. That music has been embedded in my mind ever since that day.

But time changes and so do men. And when I go back and listen to those STEELBAND PERFORMANCES of the SIXTIES -- the instruments sound so crude and the music is so parochial and limited in expression that I have to wonder how I got seduced.

So I have a PERSONAL NEED to hear this music UPGRADED with MODERN PANS that could express the THE CALYPSO NUANCE that Lord Melody brought to that song with his FANTASY PROJECTION of a PERFECT CARNIVAL. A DREAM CARNIVAL: Ah never play before/ and ah playing now for sure/ah jumping all about ... need I say more?

All I ever talk about on THIS FORUM is THE MUSIC. So I say let us make some PAN MUSIC.


Ah done hear the whole song in meh head and ah want to warn merrytonestothebone that I doh want no CLASSICAL MUSIC in MY CALYPSO, eh!!!

And ah doh want NO IRON or NO NOISE, neither!!!

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Job accepted Mr Gonzales...when do we discuss my fees...You'll get off lightly because I don't have to teach players the arrangement...But you do have to pay for the music score...T&T currency will do since ah not into the hustle t'ing...lol..

But in all seriousness...Ah still trying to remember the tune though...If yuh have a copy post it nah?...Leh meh see what ah could come up with...

The ting about that tune is Junior Pouchette did a nice arrangement for Tripoli but Guiness Cavaliers came with POWER. They made Junior change Tripoli tune for the final and we buss on the stage.

I remember that well, everybody buss at the same time, at the point of the new arrangement. Tripoli had one of the better arrangements but GUINESS? dais another story.

Ok..I have the tune now...

Merrytonestothebone: You have to start with a COST ANALYSIS for the project and then come back as tell us what you came up with. And maybe you could see if any of dem GUINNESS CAVALIERS men still alive and ting like that. Is a long way to go but at least we could FLOW CHART the project.

Better hit up two-three other bands just to get enough basses for the sound though...

Give me two weeks...Yuh could pay later since I'm now an "official expat"...

Take yuh time!!! Is not a HOT RUSH JOB. And, look, NOAH could be a good consultant on the project!!!

Isn't this pretty much what was done for the Steelband Excellence/Panorama Champs of the 20th Century concert in 1999? Other bands had to masquerade as Cavaliers and North Stars as they were defunct.


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