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I know that ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE worked to pull off that MAJESTIC PAN SHOW last night. But I want to say A SPECIAL THANKS to AINSWORTH MOHAMMED and DENNIS RAMDEEN!!!

That CONCERT last night was a MIND BLOWER. Watching the EXPATS react to it was as much FUN as enjoying the actual show.

Now the real work begins and I am sure that Ainsworth and Dennis (among others) will continue to work their fingers to the bone to put PAN MUSIC on the GLOBAL STAGE!!!


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That shot is ICONIC. Congrats to Maria Nunes. It needs an iconic name. How about a sponsored naming competition?

Ted, I agree. The shot made me proud to have had the opportunity to see the video. Makes my body twitch with remembrances.
Brenda H.

Mr. Marcano was also very instrumental in making this a reality.


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