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I love it when EXPATS lament as in this case with SALMON CUPID!!!

"It has been 25 years since I have been teaching Music with the Toronto Board Of Education using the Steelpan as the main instrument. I teach music during the day as a subject. It’s very unfortunate that Trinidad and Tobago is still using Steelpan as a political ploy. Why is Steelpan not a mandatory subject in primary school in T&T ? As I see it T&T is 25 years behind. Please don’t say it’s Pantrinbago’s job, each of us must apply pressure on our local MP to invoke the change that is needed."

Salmon Cupid

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Personally, I like SALMON CUPID. I think that he is the MOST DYNAMIC PAN PERSON that I have EVER MET. Which reminds me that I have to add him to the bugs and merrytonestothebone EXPAT ACHIEVEMENT LIST.

Oh yes...Can't leave Salmon out at all...Very important expat in the mix...


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