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I recently saw NCC Panorama 2019 schedule with no mention of Single Pan category and i am surprise why WST members remain silent so far!!!

Was the 2018 Panorama the end of the Single Pan category? Pantrinbago responded by saying the NCC has not in any form taken over the running of Pantrinbago but the NCC Panorama 2019 schedule has no mention of the Single Pan category, Is this fake news or what? any way i am awaiting the official Panorama 2019 schedule from NCC or Pantrinbago or who ever is running Panorama 2019.I cannot wait to read Merrytonestothebone comments on this.!!!

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bugs: As a political consultant in the RE-ELECT KEITH DIAZ campaign, I can assure you that we have lined up the "Small Band" vote and they are turning out in stunning numbers to put THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ right back into the PRESIDENT'S CHAIR.

Look Claude...

I have noticed that since the King move to your backyard you have been exhibiting these concussion symptoms much more regularly and severely.

Small Band vote almost destroyed Pan in Trinidad by putting the gangstas in charge, Small Band better not piss the Dolly off. She might call for a Small Band Panorama in May. And demand that they put up half their own prize money.

What is Pan Trinbago without Panorama?


http://www.pantrinbago.co.tt/Portals/0/Documents/Panorama%202019%20...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BUGS!!!  If as you say Pantrinbago don't control Panorama any more, The Pantrinbago Panorama 2019 registration form you posted above in April and closed on April 20th 2018, With all categeries free to register, Is it still the official Panorama 2019 registration form or could we expect changes after Pantrinbago elections in September, Not withstanding that NCC has their own Panorama 2019 schedule with no mention of the Single Pan category.. 


Not only do Pan Trinbago not control Panorama, they don't even control their own staff. The NCC will be paying the staff. So what does that tell you. Does anyone know if the executive salary is considered part of staff? Oh I digress. 

Yes Earl you can expect major changes. The NCC will not be asking Pan Trinbago how much do you need.  They are under no obligation to fund Panorama competitions that are not generating public interest even within the Pan community.

The Gypsy has said publicly that he doesn't like Pan.  And he has said, publicly that Panorama is killing Pan. The Gypsy - the pan savior? LMAO...

Earl while Claude and his friend Rolly Polly were playing chess, the Dr. Dolly was playing chess. Dr. Dolly owns Panorama now. And the gangstas don't even realize they are in jail and irrelevant. She got College Boy to shoot Rolly Polly. And then she got D'Photo to shoot Rolly Polly,  She get D'Austin to shoot Rolly Polly. And then she got  D'Sheppard and D'PRO to shoot Rolly Polly. Then she gave Rolly Polly a protection contract for giving up the golden goose known as Panorama.


120 plus size band is the only thing that makes Trinidad Pan special. It is a Trinidad and Tobago cultural and music phenomenon that is respected all over the world. Ain't nobody buying no plane ticket to see a 40 to 60 man steelband for Panorama. You can get that anywhere in the world. Truth is you can't even get Trinidadians to leave their homes to come see that.


Bugs...you could talk all yuh want...Is only a few bands could predictably field 120 players next year and for many years to come...I believe the plan is to kill off the rest of the competitions and have the large category alone... If that is the case NCC, the government Pan Trinbago or whoever will have to find a way to make use of the hundreds of surplus players and bands that may still exist. One way is for the state to employ Single pan and Small bands for events like Kiddies Carnivals and on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday in various communities throughout the country...Bands through proper promotion may be able to get employment for all-inclusive fetes...things like that.

At any rate I support ending the single pan competition. To me it has out-lived its usefulness as is evidenced by the fact that nobody wants to pay to see or hear it.


Mergers and hostile takeovers.  This is the future. "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile". Just a logical and good business decision my brother. Once large bands is the established norm and only one band per man there will be no extra players. All Small bands will be gobbled up. And a few will merge peaceful with others to make numbers and survive as a new entity.


Bugs...Again...I have no problem with ending the Single, Small and Medium categories. I dare say though that since so many such size bands exist it will take a few years before we have more than 10 bands of 120 players participating in Panorama. Nothing was wrong with the move to create the categories. The problem is that the idea was never thought out properly and the creation of hustler bands was and we can see is still being encouraged. Given that we live in a democratic society people can choose to belong to whatever type of band they see fit. Thus the competition organizers really have no business simply stopping the Single Pan or Small category without putting something else in place for their members. 


The single Pan and Small Band categories do not make business sense. And that is the only reason the organizers need to shut it down. Not to mention they are controlling the funds.  There is no local, national, regional or international support for these categories. 

If someone ask who are the 2018 Panorama champions of Trinidad & Tobago? The response will be Renegades - not Golden Hands. 

Merrytones are you saying that if you received a call from Golden Hands to join forces for the 2019 Panorama large band category - you would not, could not or should not do it in face of Panorama extinction?


Earl: Yuh put "ICE WATER" in the GARDEN!!!


Large band only is the only thing that makes economic, financial, entertainment and cultural sense.



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