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I've changed my mind again. The stars say "All Stars" But...

Okay folks with the order of appearance out, the stars seem to be aligned for a Trinidad All Stars win. They are a great band, with a great song that matches them and they are playing at position ten. And their arranger, Smooth, knows how to finish off the competition. But the stage is also set for the making of some real Panorama history and greatness. Imagine if Desperadoes was the win from position 1 or Phase II was to close the gap and win after trailing from way behind after the semi-finals. Any band that wins Panorama this year will make history.

I'm not playing it safe. I'm going for history. Too much great music in this Panorama.

1. Despers
2. All Stars
2 Phase II
4 Renegades
4 Supernovas
6 Tropical Angel Harps

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I agree with you.  Never rule out Phase II.  I initially had them as "also ran", but I am reviewing my pick now as follows:

Despers/Phase II/All Stars- 1st 3 places. Siver Stars and Renegades after that.  Exodus has a hard task being the last to play.

Boogie is not past his prime....just on to another phase!

I am not ready for Panorama finals...still have no favorite, as I didn't hear all of the semi-finals. I have not even found my favorite tune of choice. I expect that doesn't matter, as many bands have chosen "Good Morning"...Why? I hear very little musical in the tune, and less in the simple lyrics. Seems like a jump up wine and jam simple song to me. So what they do with it in steelband? I don't know as I dinna hear the semi finals all. But I will tune in for the Finals, and you can bet I will make comment and lecture and crying if the best gets shut out again...like last year. 

Alvin Daniels' 'We are Conquerors' is a great Carnival piece and Liam Teague has gone above and beyond in his arrangement. I think Silver Stars has a really good chance this year!!


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