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I watched the CHUTNEY SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION last night and it was FASCINATING to see the evolution of the music as it searches for a CROSSOVER COMFORT ZONE which could dramatically EXPAND ...


The most intriguing aspect of the show, to me, was the constant reference to the music as THE CHUTNEY MUSIC INDUSTRY -- by the HOST and PRODUCERS of the SHOW and GENRE.

The old adage STRENGTH IN NUMBERS really applies here as GUYANA, NEW YORK, CANADA, FLORIDA, SURINAME and TRINIDAD have all UNIFIED in the cause to MAKE THIS MUSIC INTERNATIONAL. They have built a SOLID FAN BASE to support their product and BUSINESSES from all over (including CANADA, GUYANA, NEW YORK) are FUNDING THE EFFORT with the aim of building a GLOBAL CHUTNEY SOCA MUSIC INDUSTRY.

In my opinion, if they could find the right blend -- they could invade SOUTH ASIA with THIS  MUSIC and spread a SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN MUSICAL GENRE which could get a BOUNCE BACK to ALL CORNERS of THE WORLD -- especially IN FILM!!!

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Nice...... you think trini would wake up and smell the coffee now?

Brenda H.


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