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What should we hope for coming out of this Conference? 

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I would love to see them go head-on into getting steelbands back on the road. The steelband in the Mecca needs ALL the attention, not the Steelpan.

The steel bands are on the road in Brooklyn, USA. Steel bands alone, no loud amps/speakers, no boom boxes. Seems like the Mecca moved.

We would hope to come and share our music and love for pan with another band. We are looking for a band which would like have us as their guests so that we might use their racks and low pans and welcome as many of their players as we can to play with us. We are used to playing on pans in the style of Roland Harrigan but are willing to adapt to other styles. We hope we all learn a great deal from working together. I think it could be a great experience.

Nigel Chase,
(207) 326 8684
Pan Coalition, Maine, USA

nigel, I would advise you to contact PanTrinbago.

Great idea Errol Cedric Lewis, at the same time, Asking this current Pan Trinbago to Help? That will be less Money in their Pocket.

nigel , why don't you have a chat with Salah, and see if you all could work out something?


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