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I am concerned that the ICP begins at 3.00 p.m. and there are 24 steelbands to perform. This is an injustice to the later bands and also to pan lovers many of whom cannot stay until the wee hours of the morning.  Can someone advise how it is planned to arrange this?  Is it to late to start earlier??

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Ms. Rhonda.  The wheel has already been invented.  Look at sports and other competitions.  They have elimination processes in place.  Why not implement the same process for Steelband competitions?  One way would be to televise, let's say like, America's Got Talent.  Duplicate the process including audience's voting participation.  I think once we change our outlook on Pan competitions, we would more realistically bring this wonderful instrument into the 21st century, resulting in better promotion and expanding it's potential. 

Rhonda Reddock, most people will reach about 8pm and stay about 4hours, there is definitely to many bands for one night.

Cecil: How many times did I tell you that this INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA eh have nothing to do with all these things you all discussing. DIAZ walking away from this project with FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. And that is all that matters!

Aye Claude, after this Diaz trick bag empty, so he will have to get with the election program.

I would like to know if the 2 top bands, All Stars and Phase 2 pull to play real early somebody going to fix that, watch and see, Pan Trinbago can fix anything,

Yes, we were wondering about that 3.00 p.m. start being too late to accommodate so many steelband sides.

i also believe that it is starting too late for the amount of bands that has to perform, it should start earlier, can someone address this issue? 

They can't start earlier. They have to finish putting up the North Stand.

The one they took down a month ago.

The first of my 25 reasons to look forward to this competition is simple: NO GREENS! .......at least so far.

Where can we find the bands' names  and the tunes which they are playing? I agree that 3.00 pm is a bit late. 

No information on tunes of choice but here is a link to a page with the bands participating and where they are rehearsing:  http://www.seetobago.org/trinidad/pan/2015/event01.htm#icp2015_hd

I think if the logistics is excellent 24 bands can perform in 9 hours (22 minutes per band) which means the last band can finish at midnight.


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