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THE International Soca Awards which took place at NAPA on Saturday 26th November 2011 was a comedy of errors that was only saved by Master of Ceremonies and comedian, Tommy Joseph.

Hosted by US-based iSA organization, SAO Soca Awards Ltd/Soca Awards Organization Inc, and supported by Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism reportedly to the tune of $1.2 million, founder and CEO, Colin Jackman, known as CJ in the calypso world, had assured that everything was going to be in place for the event. However very little planning seemed to have gone into the project.

It was apparent that things were going to go awry, the day before the event at the "Meet with the Stars" function organized by the promoters. No "star" was present, and neither was Jackman. Chairs around reserved table remained undisturbed.

The event was billed as a gala awards ceremony with a high profile international entertainment superstar - who Jackman had expected in the country on Thursday - as the "special invited guest presenter." There was no "international entrainment superstar" at the event.

It seems there was no stage manager; Divine Echoes the accompanying band for the night remained on stage for the entire show whether they were accompanying artistes or not, even though there is a movable stage for that purpose. Also, there was no visual presentation of the artistes, nor their videos to accompany either the nominations or the presentation of awards.

When Miss TT-World Leigh Ann Forbes was called on stage to present some honorees, including Winston "Gypsy" Peters (absent) she did not seem to be aware of what she were supposed to do.

Mr Minister this is the second awards show in 2011 at NAPA you provide tax payers dollars to the promoters with poor results - you are wasting tax payers dollars.


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How sad.

This is an example of what happens when productions of important cultural events are left up to amateurs



This is shameful,embarassing and disrespectful to the musicians,producers and other persons in the arts and downright disgusting. I agree with Pelham Goddard's comment. Mr.Tommy Joseph you are a "Star" and will always be.

Curtis what was Pelham comment?

Winston"JACKASS"Peters again!

Tell me something, the Minister of Culture is ah Jackass, the man from PanTrinbago is ah Jackass, h

ow much Jackass dey have in Trinidad?

I've been saying it from day one that the man, so-called Minister or Culture, is an idiot.

Founder and CEO Colin Jackman aka CJ is the son Minister of Culture Winston "Gypsy" Peters..............Allyuh ent know dat????? PG's comment was "hitting the nail on the head".

Did someone fart in the room? something here is smelling. LMAO!

It´s a real shame.Soca and T&T looking so good international.

I cannot believe after a no show by the Artiste in SOCA backyard in Trinidad last year these people want our Tax Dollars.

Gypsy better come good and do not get egg in his face. We know this is all BOBAL and CRONYISM..... 

What's the logic behind having this show in the US?

Get ready for a new culture minister, gypsy is in the dog-house.


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