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Do we have anybody on this Site that can relate to the Steelband Clash with Invaders and Tokyo (I think it was 1950) EG: like where you were at the time, what you saw? or what you hear from your Parents or your friends, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeyvpBznVnA

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Let's talk Hilanders. The Grand Master gives an account of the incident in his 1969 recording of the Bull.I remember reading in the media that Hilanders was referred as the bobolie band. If I'm not mistaken the clash was by Memorial Park on Frederick Street.Kitch says it happened at 3 o'clock, the reason? the attacking band was left out of the Panorama Finals while Hilanders did coming 3rd playing Obeah wedding.This would make it 1966. The only question is why did Kitch take so long to sing about it?

Teddy Pinheiro

What I can Say for Sure without any Doubt is The Year that Hilanders got their Pans Smashed including the Amplified So call Chinese Pan was  in 1965. I was a Teenager at that time Playing with Coca Cola 'Gay' Desperadoes. We Played a Mas Called ''The Harvest of King Scorpio'' Its the Most Bottles that I ever See in the Sky on that Carnival Tuesday of 1965 on Charlotte Street Near The Hospital. I believe that Fascinators Steel Orchestra was also involved in the Fracas.

That Hilanders pan Smashing was at another time besides the San Juan All Stars Situation, Here is some information from ah old Desperadoes Man, http://www.trinbagopan.com/Rudolph-Edwards/1907056.html

It was Fascinators from 29 St Joseph road that started the clash with Hilanders.

Hey yuh right I never see so much bottle flying in meh whole life.It was like diamonds glittering in the sky. Charlotte Street by the hospital.That year I played fancy sailor with Highlanders. Me and a couple of friends played French sailors in blue and white stripes.We had to run.Run like hell.

No body answering the question

The clash between Invaders and Tokyo was before my time. But reading the various responses, especially from Syncopators and Noel, as well as the article on Edward Jones brought back chilling memories. I vividly remember the clash between San Juan All Stars and Despers in 1959 and the one between Highlanders and Fascinators in 1965. Both occurred on Charlotte Street in the vicinity of the POS General Hospital and Memorial Park. I was in All Stars in 1959 because of my cousin, Gladman (Glad), who I seem to recall didn’t play pan but was a well-known well-respected member of All Stars (R.I.P. Sonnyboy). In 1965, I was with the brothers from Egypt/Caledonia, who had brought a mas section in Highlanders.

Keyboo, who played a sergeant in camouflage in All Stars, was from my neighborhood, Egypt. Both Glad and Keyboo had reputations as “badjohns”. I remember Glad as cool and kind-hearted but he did not like advantage. Keyboo was bad! (While most of the All Stars players took to their heels, he stood his ground and got chopped up pretty badly. He eventually committed suicide because of that defeat)

In 1959, just a kid, I remember being pushed to safety over the wall of a house on Charlotte Street, just before Memorial Park. I also remember the variety of colors of the bottles, some still filled with “sweet drink” or beer, in the air-- and the aftermath, the rubble, broken bottles, smashed vendors’ tables, abandoned costumes, smashed pans and pan stands—was this in 1959 or 1965? Or, is this all a sign that my dementia has stepped in!!

Well, to put it simply, this is what we've learnt :

The "Noah's Arc- Fruits and Flowers- Battle Cry " clash was in 1959.

The "Hylanders-bobolee band -Chinee pan" clash occurred in 1965.

Lord Kitchener sang about the '65 clash in '66 (Law and Order) and again in '69 (The Bull)

We still haven't agreed as to when Lord Blakie's Steelband Clash occurred ; according to the calypsonian it was 1950 , but apparently it could have been 1951 or 52?

Most of the facts are there but I think we are confusing the tokyo/invaders clash with the sanjuan/despers clash. Well this is what I know cause I was there for both..the invaders/tokyo clash was definetely in 1950 I was in short pants the san juan allstars clash I had my taxi badge Williams was in power with PNM. That clash was caused by sanjuan all stars forcing their way through HIghlanders to get to the savanah When despers heard this they were on observatory street they then detoured to defend their close ally ..one thing everybody has right the sky was filled with bottles looking like flying crows I observed that while standing safely in the hospital grounds.. Red army was the most feared steelband before the casablanca/invaders rivalry. There was the captain of casablanca nicknamed "one man" who got that name when he went into invaders panyard and picaxed their pans all by himself while panmen just watched in awe.Ellie was a teenager then but was no saint as he is now,Cobeau Jack was about the best pan soloist for invaders as Kelvin hart was for casablanca who was much better than the solo champ from southern symphony.Other names worth mentioning is Martin Joseph and Arthur "tank" both from Maraval.Starlift merged from invaders just like the band Arthur Decoteau arranged for in bossiere I forgot the name but prominent members were John "dowlin Samuel and Don Procope,I hope this helps clear up a few things because they are facts..just like I know the first band to combine steel pan and brass on the road was Cyril Diaz and the following year Fitz Vaugn Bryan followed suit.

dear Mr. Diaz,

You seem to have the most accurate pieces of information. growing up in Casablanca, that is how, I was told,that "one Man" got his name The band from Maraval that you referred to, is it not "Blanca 47" playing "Janet" sung by the mighty Shadow?

The San Juan All Stars/Desperadoes Clash, i was about nine going in  ten years old. What i remember is that Casablanca had played "Guadalcanal Diary" a war mas,  one of the players in the band by the name of Herbert Worrell (deceased), played the Memoriel statue which is in the centre of the Memorial park, same height and size, he was one of the soldiers standing at the top, only when he moved people realised that it was Worrell.

If we can remember who won Band of the year Harold Saldenah or George Bailey and with which presentation, putting all things together we may arrive at all our missing pieces of info.  

Actually Arthur De Coteau (Deceased) was a captain and arranger for Casablanca steel orchestra, he was the first person to arrange a Classical piece on Pan in a steelband competition, The Bells of St. mary's at the Queen's park Savannah. He had also been the person who had the chromatic five bass used by Casablanca. We must remember that he was a master musician and an avid Bass guitar player, ask shadow, ask Sparrow, ask any of the cast at the Young Brigade in those times.

What year did San Juan force their way through Highlanders?

Highlanders was no where around the Despers clash.

Blakie came 2nd in the calypso king competition to Lord Melody in 1954. He also won the Road March of that year. That is Known.The thing about the base ball bat was from a separate incident. From the time something is recorded and then released is as mush as one year, so it was hardly possible for him to record in 1953 for release in 1954. to set the records straight I will as soon as possible visit our National archives to see what could be found.

Here's two pieces of information. Cavaliers played at a church on Harris Promenade in the 60s. One of the selection was Onward Christian Soldiers. Starlift recorded Congo man which pleased Sparrow so much that the band was hired to play for patrons as they entered the tent.


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