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Do we have anybody on this Site that can relate to the Steelband Clash with Invaders and Tokyo (I think it was 1950) EG: like where you were at the time, what you saw? or what you hear from your Parents or your friends, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeyvpBznVnA

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Ronald, Did you listen to the Words in the Calypso, the first part? (It was ah Bacchanal, 1950 Carnival, Fight fur so, With Invaders and Tokyo,  

HERE is what I know. I am not Trinidadian and wasnt there. My mother was in Charlotte St hospital at the time. it must have been early  50's possibly 54.. It was  long  before the San Juan Allstars clash when San Juan Allstars  got wiped out by Invaders with a little help from Invaders friends Desperadoes.  Will double check with Emmanuel (Jack) Riley to get correct info.   paddy corea..

Paddy, you getting that Invaders thing mixed up, That Invaders/Tokyo was different from the San Juan All Stars stuff,

paddy, invaders was not in the sanjun allstars clash,

Invaders - Steelband Clash

There were many more Steelband Clashes, but the Invader/Tokyo and the San Juan All Stars/Desperadoes Clash stands out. Most of the Clashes happened at Park/Charlotte Street and at Green Corner

Anytime ah West Band reach as far as Park/Charlotte Street, they Ready, that area is Town Territory.  And anytime ah Town Band go to Green Corner, they Ready, that is the Border line with Town and the West.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS_a7FQ16lU STEELBAND CLASHES

The old hands still uncomfortable crossing that line.

IM older than all of you so I'll set it straight ..it was definitely in 54/53 era I was in nelson street boys school at the time me and Martin Albino he should have an input in this how about it Martin, another simple way to verify it is that Blakie song was pre Sparow and the san juan all stars/despers clash was post sparrow..jean and dinah came on the scene in 56 sparrow's first big hit.

Allyur see Ellie easy going and stuff, ah hear Ellie wasn't Easy nah, To be able to Survive in those days, you can't be no Softy nah! 

Roy Boyke showed me the photos from that clash in 1958. i wonder where those images are now.

Yea, Is only a few people we have on WST from that Era, and some of them suffering with Early Dementia, they getting the Dates mixed up etc, Is understandable, But we are all enjoying the Feedback from everyone, WST forever, close this Website Never.


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