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Invaders Steel Orchestra pioneer Errol Zephyrine has NOT passed

When Steel Talks is pleased to announce that Errol "Augmented" Zephyrine is alive and well.   He was one the Invaders Steel Orchestra pioneers and standout musicians. He also represented Starlift Steel Orchestra in the Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband.

Check out Errol Zephyrine on 2nds with  tenors: Emmanuel "Jack" Riley and Winston "Bee" Phillips; Cellos: Ellie; Guitars: Ansel Joseph; two pairs of Double Seconds played by Errol "Augmented" Zephyrine and Clayton Green; Five-Basses played by the Maestro Roy Rolock. Rhythm by Kenrick. The first original Stage Side hand-picked by Dr. Ellie Mannette sponsored by Shell Limited. Recorded at Champs Fleurs, Trinidad during the '60s when Invaders was known as the Harps from Woodbrook

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Thank you Claude.

"Shamfluer" should be "Champs Fleurs".

Champsfleurs should be all one word.


My condolences to his family and friends. And my thanks to 'Mr. Augumented" for answers to my questions when  I purchased my instrument. With no knowledge of music, when he was telling me of the notes, scales and of course the augmented chords,etc.,etc and asked me 'what comes after G' of course I said H.  Well, he along with the others listening had a great laugh and told me 'no' it's A.  Merci Mr. Augmented, and I still have a good laugh when I check the notes he gave me.. How can I forget that day. 

Errol Zephyrine or "Augmented" as he liked to be called, was an original member of the Shell Invaders from the late fifties through the sixties.  He was one of the four members selected to play one of the four Double Seconds introduced for the first time by the late Dr. Ellie Manette or "ELLIE" as we called him. It was the year of "Liberstraum", and Lord Melody's "Michael Be a Man."

The Double Seconds were entirely new to everyone at that time, but in a short period he mastered the playing of the Double Seconds and made it a platform to launch his unique arrangements which was one of the elements that gave Invaders it's very distinguished sound. He was also responsible for introducing chord structures and their names, hence the nick name "Augmented." He was very insistent that we knew every note of all the chords and also what combination of notes were to be played on each of the pans. He was truly a great teacher and one of the pioneers that was know by only a few of our generation but his innovations will always live on even when they have no idea where and when it all got started. Rest in peace "AUGMENTED". Ansel Joseph

Hey guy's (Augmented) Errol Zephyrine is still alive. His family and friends are relieved to know this terrible news was incorrect! Music Lives :)  Play ON :)

Could never confirm this news via TT. Heard another gentleman named Zephyrine Joseph died just after Carnival. He lived in the Harp. Glad to hear it is not Augmented. He is probably having a good laugh at the news of his demise!

I remember this fella really well, Brown boot, cobeau Jack, and others from Invaders. I used to go to Osmond High school on french street, Woodbrook. These fellas used to lime by the parlor. I think was Miss Agnes parlor, or she used to work there.


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