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In 2017 gate receipts were $3.4 MILLION

In 2018 gate receipts were $3.2 MILLION

In 2019 gate receipts were $2.8 MILLION

2019 showing the LOWEST RECEIPTS despite the MASSIVE MARKETING TEAM hired by BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE to promote THE EVENT AND the construction of a MASSIVE NORTH PARK (with a capacity well over 35,000) by GYPSY.

Looks like DOCTOR DOLLY needs to do some more FORENSIC AUDITS in a HURRY!!!

Because THE PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO claimed that this was the MOST SUCCESSFUL PANORAMA in HISTORY with the BIGGEST ATTENDANCE EVER. So those 2019 numbers are just confusing THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!

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A wise man once said "Its good to be a recorder of FACTS, but, one must penetrate its ORIGINS."

The Min­is­ter said some of the dras­tic changes to come in­clude al­low­ing the NCC to now col­lect the gate re­ceipts from tick­et sales at Panora­ma.

"We will no longer be giv­ing Pan Trin­ba­go mon­ey. Prize mon­ey, mon­ey for sup­pli­ers and mon­ey for re­mit­tances for pan­men will now be made avail­able to the NCC," she said.

Apart from the mil­lions in sub­ven­tions the or­gan­i­sa­tion re­ceives from the State, Gads­by-Dol­ly said, Pan Trin­ba­go al­so gets all the mon­ey re­ceived from the gate from the sale of tick­ets.

She said: "We are tak­ing steps to put a val­ue on that be­cause it has been neb­u­lous and vague over the years. But this mon­ey was meant to help Pan Trin­ba­go."

She said un­of­fi­cial es­ti­mates put the fig­ure for gate re­ceipts for Panora­ma com­pe­ti­tions at over $10 mil­lion for 2016.


Chalkdust - Ah Not In Dat


 1. Which "|FOX" is guarding the hen's house  ?

  2.Yes, the patrons of Panorama are mostly those of a senior age who are dedicated to the Art Form.  Pan Trinbago have           jacked-up the price of entry to Panorama that many of  the supporting patrons cannot afford it and rather to stay at              home and look at it on TV or listen to it on the radio.

  3. This (PAN) is Trinidad"s instrument and there should be more consideration given to its citizens to support its Panorama       rather than catering to its visitors only.   

  4. The younger generation are going to fetes and will hear the results the following day and talk about it.

 5.  My message to Pan Trinbago is to lower the price of entry which will increase patrons by volume thereby increasing            your dollars.. Its ECONOMICS.


Good Points, Louis George!!! Especially about LOWERING THE PRICE OF ENTRY!!!

odw: I am glad that you responded with that $10 million number from DOLLY.

But in 2017 THE NCC collected the PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS. And then PAN TRINBAGO took THE NCC to court for PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS in the amount of $3.4 MILLION.

"NCC to pay costs

Supreme Court Justice Vasheist Kokaram has ordered the National Carnival Commission (NCC) to pay Pan Trinbago proceeds from the sale of tickets for the 2017 National Panorama semi-final and finals.

Revenue at the gates are estimated to be more than $3.4 million."

Read More

So I am curious about how DOLLY came up with that $10,000,000 number for 2016!!!

Claude: Maybe it has to do with the approach used to justify or argue the dollar amount in COURT. It’s easier to guesstimate rather than accurately estimate. No proper documentation to support your evidence. Like Rudder say ONE and ONE cud be ELEVEN. Welcome to Trinidad.

The organization that is responsible for Panorama would be well advised to approach the falling attendance and gate receipts at panorama from the perspective of a marketing strategy. The cost of entry by itself might not be the problem, so lowering the ticket prices might not result in sustained increase in attendance. As a business model, I offer the suggestion that a survey of the general public be undertaken to determine more objectively what are the challenges and opportunities to participation in panorama.  A successful marketing strategy calls for knowing and understanding the needs of your target audience and finding ways to fashion your product to address those needs. You can't afford to guess at the cause or solutions; that would not be an appropriate response.

If what is being marketed as panorama is not meeting the needs of the public, perhaps a marketing survey properly conceived and managed might be able to yield some important ideas for change and innovation. You have to find out what the public wants or needs in a panorama; time is of the essence, undertaking an effective public survey is an essential step that is foundational to developing an effective marketing strategy for panorama. Panorama is a business enterprise, it should therefore be operated as such. Blessings.

Mr. Spooner: These points are well taken. REALITY states a different type of thinking with their MIND-SET.

This requires RE-TRAINING in monitoring PROCESSES and documenting RESULTS, developing PROCEDURES to achieve SPECIFIC GOALS. Analytical thinking SKILLS. This is a Cultural Organization trying to function as a BUSINESS operation.

ODW, your point is well taken. I was operating under the assumption that those skills currently exist among the  leadership. Even so, the paucity of business acumen among the leadership does not excuse the lack of a robust response to the  challenges that confront the governance structure of the steel orchestra organization(s). They are constituted as business entities accountable for the stewardship of significant budgets affecting the lives and livelihood of many individuals. I offer the suggestion that they consider contracting out to other business experts the essential operational tasks that are necessary to ensure organizational effectiveness. The leadership might also give thought to hiring the services of business consultants to offer ongoing inservice education and training that would assist them in developing  basic management and leadership skills. To do so would be an excellent effort, routinely undertaken by large successful corporations (nothing of which to be ashamed).  These are just a very few ideas for consideration by the leadership. I eager await their response. Is the leadership even connected and responsive to this forum, and are we blowing in the wind?

Grafton: I was tempted to respond to you last night. But luckily odw came on and made my points for me. So I will briefly summarize my message to you.

If you travel to a few foreign countries you will quickly realize that EVERY COUNTRY EVOLVES at its own pace in the varied categories of MATURITY.

The ideas that you are suggesting for PAN TRINBAGO are far to advanced to be employed in T&T TODAY. Maybe in about 50 years.


That is not a big surprise. Gate receipts has been in  steep decline the last five years or so. In my opinion, folks are using PAN TRINBAGO's shortcomings as an excuse- hence patronizing takes a hit. That is not the case when International Artistes

grace our shores. Just recently, A friend of mine says that they will be front and Center for the The recent Buju Banton  Concert.....Not the same enthusiasm for Panorama, though.

There is a saying in T&T that "Cobo (corbeaux) doh eat sponge cake ". Analytical thinking skills", Marketing skills and strategies etc etc yadda yadda. The mindset of the electorate, the populace must change. The only thing Trini really cares about is nothing, or nada, eh?

Ian Cox: After reading your response, I came up with a TITLE for a double entendre Calypso: "FOREIGN TING SWEET!!!" So many examples to choose from!!!

All yuh have to do is to contact a calypso writer down in Trinidad and we could have a good calypso for 2020.

Good Posting!!! If yuh have the numbers for the 2015 and 2016 please post them. And if by chance you know how to write a calypso -- you can do the song yourself.


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