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There are so many conflicting narratives even though we had (and still have) live eyewitnesses to this very recent history. Sometimes you get the feeling that every EGO wants to be THE ONE to tell the tale and dismissal of all other voices has become the norm.

One highly respected contributor to pan history stated that Trinidad and Tobago must surely have the most backward set of people producing information on the pan movement.

So are we reading backwardness and treating it as PAN GOSPEL?





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Greetings: Sister  Gittens said it correctly! While I have mentioned that Pan was created in Point Fortin, and although Mister Reefer and Valley confirmed this, I still do not believe that we have the definitive proof of its origin. However, the making of the steel drum is definitely from Point and this could be found in Who Dey? Who Dey? Manicou Dey ( Seunarine:2013).

Lance, sister Gittens is a brother.lol

Pan history will always be what we know of it now, everyday there is another story who is going to separate the truth from fiction? I am now hearing that it was created in Point Fortin, there is always another story.. 

check out information from Norman Darway on the website http://www.triniview.com/darway/0103052.html  - which is an interview with Mr. Darway - in the very beginning of the interview he disputes the Point Fortin claim with the proof of timin, how good is his info?

Greetings I sincerely apologise for calling Brother Bertel a sister. Guidance! Again so sorry! Dr. Lance Seunarine

I am not offended brother Lance, just amused!! Its the first time it ever happened! No probs!!

Bertel Dr Lance examine yuh and find out yuh secret or what? lol

If he did that he would not have made that BIG BIG mistake!!!!! lol

Andre, I looked at his Bio yesterday and I was going to post it, you beat me to it I believe in what he says, he may be right or he may be wrong, therefore, it's who ever you Believe  

Greetings: I knew the plant where the steel drums were created and I knew the supervisor. His name was Mr. Superville. Dr. Lance Seunarine

I heard on a speaker on a Talk show  emphatically stating the Pan started in Point Fortin. I always thought it was Laventille and Belmont, so according to Bede it come out from all about. There is nothing wrong with different pieces of information flying around. That is how knowledge is formed. Maybe what we can aim at is an Encyclopaedia of Pan. Like Andre, if I had the dollars it would have been off the ground already. Or, if I were an education administrator I would have Pan research projected in the curriculum to have students doing the work towards this encyclopaedia over 1-3 academic years. Compliments to Kim Johnson and others who gave piece of the action!


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