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There are so many conflicting narratives even though we had (and still have) live eyewitnesses to this very recent history. Sometimes you get the feeling that every EGO wants to be THE ONE to tell the tale and dismissal of all other voices has become the norm.

One highly respected contributor to pan history stated that Trinidad and Tobago must surely have the most backward set of people producing information on the pan movement.

So are we reading backwardness and treating it as PAN GOSPEL?





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Aye Claude,

Wey yuh talkin bout I ain't have no story? talk bout yuh self boi, ah doh know what my story is yet but hopefully I'll find out soon, everyone has a story.

This is your Story Cecil, enjoy,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b05zEpFgnN8

Bede: Doh trust Cecil, boy! The man come today on the forum and say that he DISCOVER Salah and all the new music Salah doing and he is Salah number supporter.

When is you and me who was clapping for Salah first.

Cecil eh have NO STORY!!!


Btw friends, On another topic as I know there are a lot of former Silver Stars supporters out there in WST land. Liam Teague is the arranger for this year's Panorama . I am not a Silver Stars supporter but I think I will this year because Liam is from the Southland and I would like to see an arranger from the South do well. Let me be clear this is not meant to offend any of you North band arrangers. This is just who I will be rooting for. Blessings.

Winston, I will open up another post for you

Here is another story in the history of the Steelpan which raises and answers some questions, trying o set he record straight... http://www.panonthenet.com/exclusive/2011/navy-poole-4-12-2011.htm


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