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It is true that EARLY RICHARDS is writing a CALYPSO titled "SHE WANT MORE IRON IN THE BAND" but I have been running into a few comments here and there that lead me to believe that THE IRON (Vehicle brake drums, or “irons,” played “braided” (interlocking) rhythmic patterns that cut through the noise to hold together a large steel band) is losing its place in the STEELBANDS as the INSTRUMENTS and the MUSIC become more POLISHED!!!

Personally, if I had to PRODUCE a PAN CD, I would not USE IRON. But then again, if I had to produce a PAN CD I would not use LIVE PANS. Those PAN SYNTHESIZERS that I have been checking out over the last few years could really make some MAGICAL "PAN MUSIC" with the right SOUND ENGINEER and MUSIC PRODUCER.

As I said before, it is just a matter of two to three years before some FOREIGNER breaks through in the GLOBAL MARKET with WORLD CLASS "PAN MUSIC" engineered on a PAN SYNTHESIZER. The options on TONALITY are JUST SO GRAND compared to the LIVE INSTRUMENT.

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Sherman: You don't realize how much we are in AGREEMENT!!!

Your use of the word "UNTIL" puts the nail in my coffin telling me that I will DIE and never hear the MUSIC ("the full sound we would not have experienced, from a recording perspective, the fullness & beauty of this musical phenomenon").

In the INTERIM -- the PAN SYNTHESIZER has the BEST POTENTIAL to represent that sound  ... before I go to my grave!!! Unless you can hurry up and make sure that the proper research & experiments r done to capture the full sound.


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