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It is true that EARLY RICHARDS is writing a CALYPSO titled "SHE WANT MORE IRON IN THE BAND" but I have been running into a few comments here and there that lead me to believe that THE IRON (Vehicle brake drums, or “irons,” played “braided” (interlocking) rhythmic patterns that cut through the noise to hold together a large steel band) is losing its place in the STEELBANDS as the INSTRUMENTS and the MUSIC become more POLISHED!!!

Personally, if I had to PRODUCE a PAN CD, I would not USE IRON. But then again, if I had to produce a PAN CD I would not use LIVE PANS. Those PAN SYNTHESIZERS that I have been checking out over the last few years could really make some MAGICAL "PAN MUSIC" with the right SOUND ENGINEER and MUSIC PRODUCER.

As I said before, it is just a matter of two to three years before some FOREIGNER breaks through in the GLOBAL MARKET with WORLD CLASS "PAN MUSIC" engineered on a PAN SYNTHESIZER. The options on TONALITY are JUST SO GRAND compared to the LIVE INSTRUMENT.

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In the old days Iron Men had their own score sheet.

Claude: Back in the back to the future days of Panorama and Pans rolling on the road Iron Men had their own score sheets, Ask Cecil Hinkson about that.

The big drum drowning out everybody and the bongo man playing what the tenor plays, Today they have ah rhythm section out of control and the iron lost somewhere inside that.

Thanks, CECIL!!! I wanted somebody to document that detail for me. Yuh know ah doh know ah whole lot about PAN MUSIC.

We don't always agree Cecil but I was about to say this very same thing...

On their own, big drum and bongos aren't a problem. For instance, look at All Stars who has been using big drums for years and Renegades whose arrangements would often have parts highlighting the bongos. But it's when they get overused it's a problem--more and more you have a big drum playing as loud as possible on every beat, drowning out all music played by the cellos down to the bass; and bongos just cutting through an entire song overpowering the entire frontline.

And what you see now is more and more young people drawn to those, and far less so to the iron and scratcher.

This is where the Panorama "bad taste" Police must step in. It should be state clearly in the rules overuse of these percussive instruments will result in a -10 points from score.

But I think as long as bands who promote this don't win it will take care of itself.


Bugs: OFF TOPIC!!! I want you to checkout "LIONHEART" on NETFLIX -- especially the SOUND TRACK!!! To be honest I did not quite finish the whole movie because I fell asleep on it and will finish it today.

But since I have you here -- I am reminding you to check it out.

Synthesizer is artificial pan music and not authentic. Real pan music is from 45 gallon barrels /drums. I know certain people will want to involve me in talk wit this.....doh waste yuh time..

Respect bro, yuh right. De synthesizer is ah instrument dat does use the electronics dat in it tuh reproduce de sound ah odder instruments. De synthesizer doh have a “synthesizer” sound, like ah guitar have ah “guitar” sound, or ah saxophone have ah “saxophone” sound.

Yuh woulden find any concert pianist in dey right mind who would go up in ah concert hall an play ah synthesizer because people doh come tuh hear de sample of de sound of ah grand piano – dey come tuh hear ah rell grand piano.

Ah synthesizer is ah fantastic piece ah hardware when yuh e.g. composing music or when yuh recordin an so on, but it cyar replace de rell instrument.

Is de same ting wit pan.

Peace & Health

Claude, recordings of Live Pan would be more than magical with the right sound engineer and music producer. Still missing .

"When de iron fall- de ban tumble"

David Rudder, "Engine Room".

Nuff said.

I don't hear anybody saying that about the trumpet ,trombone, violin etc. No electronically devised sound could better d original instrument. The problem is that no microphones have been specifically developed  to capture the true sound of d steelpan instrument.When u strike a note on d pan although the sound emanates from the position where the note is placed it permeates d air around,above & below the instrument. Until proper research & experiments r done to capture the full sound we would not have experienced,from a recording perspective,the fullness & beauty of this musical phenomenon.Hearing pan live always fascinates people.


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