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WACK CANNOT DELIVER (even after PEOPLE PAY) ... and since this is an ELECTION YEAR (all politics is LOCAL -- I KNOW THAT).

But (JESUS CHRIST) you have THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of EXPATS who LOVE and LIVE for THE CULTURE and you BLANK THEM because of LOCAL POLITICS in a 2020 election year.


Personally, I don't have a PROBLEM!!! Because PAN IS NOISE (how many times did THE HOSTS on the 919 broadcast refer to that "MISCONCEPTION")?

But don't try to sell me ON THE BEVERELY NONSENSE with the SOCIAL TRANSFORMATON!!!

Ah might just have to RELEASE THE VEE PEE DOSSIER!!!

WACK is streaming just fine - just a few glitches due to the weather, you just have to refresh the screen and it comes right back. 



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