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Isn't it ANTHONY WALKER the MAN that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE lend $35,000 PAN TRINBAGO DOLLARS TO? Ah hope ah get the story right ... meh sources drying up!!!

... and then he sit down on his rear all this time and wait until AQUIL ARRINDELL start a PAN YARD HAMPER DRIVE to suddenly wake and JUMP IN THE BREW. Ah wonder when he going and PAY BACK THAT MONEY? Allyuh know how much hampers that $35,000 coulda buy.

This is going to be a DOWN AND DIRTY election campaign as a DESPERATE BEVERLEY is going to try every trick in the book to KEEP THE POWER and the $27,500 a month paycheck (plus perks). Talk in town is that she is already in a DEEP STATE OF PANIC.

It bothers me that EVERY SINGLE TOBAGO BAND is going to VOTE FOR BEVERLEY. Ah tell yuh, if I was a CAMPAIGN MANAGER and had to fight against that and MY TEAM WIN -- there would be A HEAVY PRICE TO PAY by TOBAGO STEELBANDS.

Ah still doh see THE ELECTIONS happening THIS YEAR with DELTA and LAMBDA heading to the border.

WE WILL TURN PAN YARDS into CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE -- what happen to that promise?

And the TEN POINT PLAN which I posted at least 20 times over the last almost three years.

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If they had voted Darren Shepperd, Walker would have never gotten that loan.


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