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The large bikini Mas bands have abandoned the Savanah for the Socadrome. The greatest steel orchestras in the world are playing to an empty Grand Stands at 3:00 am in the morning. And the streets of Port of Spain as Mr. Rubadiri Victor showed are empty on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Maybe this is truly an opportunity for the steelband to go back on the road.


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Again I say ......uninspired people in positions of power will NOT give up their little piece of the pie and give over the places to intelligent people. They live for the power they have. This is the road block we have to address and there is no one to do it except a more powerful authoriy like the government. However they (the government) are too busy lining their own pockets ( while they can) with the country's money to do anything for the people of T'dad & T'bgo.

Time to offer positive ideas and leave negativity in the past

In 1985 I wrote an article in the Express and it was published on Saturday April 201th entitled "Is Carnival really dying in T&T?"  Well like the famous author George Orwell chilling prophecy of the future in his book 1984 which came past and in to effect in New York City in the year 1984, the surveillance of the people. I lived to see in the year 2015 the death of Carnival, ask anyone and they will tell you the Carnival was the worst, including Panorama, Calypso Monarch and Parade of Bands. I don't have the time to tell you of all the ills and my proposals because my article took up the full page 10 in the Newspaper. I dealt with the Pros and Cons of the three most important elements. On Pan I spoke of the of the Festival atmosphere was created with the setting up of the pans and maybe the bands should come playing on stage stop and begin their tune and play it for the eight minuets. Have an electronic score board and give them their score after each performance. Cut out this own composition crap, play a calypso that every one is familiar with including the Judges. Give 20% for presentation 20% for performance and 60% for the spirit of carnival. Get a fresh set of Judges they are responsible for the recycling and symphonic arrangements that is killing Panorama. Pelham and Professor had good grouses, the results where Questionable. The Calypso Monarch is for the birds only Politics and more Politics, don't see anyone of them with and international potential no originality no melody may be its time for considerations to get old Calypso singers to be judges and one of the compositions be of International material something that the large foreign attendees can relate too. Its an insult and disrespect to all the creative Bandleaders to award a recycled Sailor Band back to back Band of Year titles. I think if there is not a 90 degrees turn around judging of Individuals and Bands on Monday and Tuesday and the bringing back of the Male and Female Individuals of the Year and if there is not a general overhaul of that Carnival Destruction Committee, then all the Mas Bands should seriously consider boycotting the Savannah in 2016. I have a world of ideas that I am willing to share with the powers to be.      

Most of the people that bring out  bands don't care about culture, they are just in it for the money, this is the root cause of the demise of everything carnival.

orlandoSteve how can you call All Stars a recycled Band when you have been watching bikini and beads year after year. Is there anything more recycled than bikini and beads mas. I'm not an All Stars fan but let's be fair. Maybe the other bands should be planning from now how to beat All Stars.


Hey Bugs, I have friends who play with All Stars. Many of them wore the same suits from last year and many of those guys have been using the same suits for years. They were some beautiful dressed costumed bands like Trini Revellers, Ronnie and Caro, Just Friends, to name a few. All Stars is one my favorite bands, if they had a Band of the year for Monday Mas. They would have won it by a landside, they were the most colorful Band on Monday. 

Orlando  Steve. These are My Sentiments also. All Stars Should be Winning Band of the Year on Jourvert Morning. Its only Old Clothes they using.  This is Corruption. or Victimization to Prove a Point. a Travesty. Instead of going Forward some Foolish People who are in Power want to return our Mas to the Past. Its only All Stars Supporters would like this. This is so Retarded. George Bailey - Sally McWilliams Stephen Leung must all be Spinning in their Graves to know that this is what our Carnival has come to. Next Year none of the Large Mas Band will be Going to the Savannah. They Mashing up we Carnival. Carnival has become a ''Big Joke''

You have just gave the answer.all stars in your opinion would have won on carnival Monday which they did,( big bands half costumes,some not going to venues) Tuesday old costumes(your opinion) original.big bands same bathsuits different color feathers year after year,no originality.competionjudged on points.where would put a band that high on Monday and comes out classy Tuesday and original too booth.i am an all stars supporter.we talk pan,take a feather from this band and apply to our steel band fraternity. nuff said.

As far as I understand it Band of the Year goes the the band that has the most points from BOTH Monday and Tuesday combined, which means that All Stars will win every other Band of the Year because they come good on both days.

Cecil how can this be as All Stars brings 2 different presentations on both days?

Roderick Aqui, that's the same question I asked.

All banners tells all,observe sailors on shore leave,give the band its due.bailey sally,,minshall or any of mas bands would cry at the spectacle of present bands calling themselves costumes mas(bathsuits and feathers year after year)fantasy mas.Put them any year against above names and then tell me where you would put them.people play mas now to have a good time.Dont put blame on judges they have awakened to present scenerio.


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