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Its a Shame in the way icon Joey Lewis is being treated

Dear Friends and music lovers from all over the world especially here in Trinidad, perhaps you don't know the health conditions that one of our greatest musical icons, Mr."Joey Lewis" is now facing and for over the past six (6) or  many years. I my self had no idea about his health conditions until I visited him at his home in mid Feb of this year 2015.  I was indeed shock when I saw him. This Icon is now bed ridden and is confined to a wheel chair because he can't walk.  I ask his wife Judy why the Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry of Culture has not offered some kind of assistance to this great Icon, her answer to me was she tried on several occasions to contact the Ministry but to no avail.

This great Icon has put Trinidad on the map for over 57 years with great music for the young as well the elders of our time, why can't this great Icon be honored in some form of an humanitarian way of assistance? is the question. I have offered to assist his wife with a financial assistance, and will continue to do so by the grace of God as long as I could.

Anyone who's  interested to assist with this great concern can contact Mrs.Julia Lewis
better known as 'Judy' at Ph#  1-868-623-7572 or at the address" 6 Gonzales Hill
                                                                                                                      Gonzales Place P.O.S
                                                                                                              Rep of Trinidad w.I.
Thanks and may God Bless you all.

Don Clarke
Atlanta Georgia       

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I had no idea.

Mr.. Lewis is a multi talented musician , and one of the most important contributors to our music and culture in our history.

We on WST try to promote and support our cultural icons as much as we can , and it is sad that the country doesn't do likewise , especially in their times of need.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention , Pan Times.

I will certainly keep him in my thoughts ,and do whatever I can to help.

I'm sure that the T&T government will assist Joeys family if contacted, they have done it for others in the past.

Cecil thanks for your concern in this matter, however we have all heard about Starlin's health problems, please correct me if am wrong, what has this government did for him?. The person who came to his aid was our sport Icon Brian Lara. He had an event at his home and raised $100.000 dollars for Starlin. I have yet to hear what the Minister of Culture Dr. Lincoln Douglas input was. I must give a big THANK YOU to WST for their concerns. All of our Icons must be recognize for their talents and years of hard work in what ever field they have chosen to make our lives a bit brighter. 

First I am hearing that Joey is very ill and confined to a wheelchair,this is very sad and I hope Minister Lincoln Douglas, pays him a visit and assist in anyway he can.

Joey has always been such a pleasant person and a fine musician.Wish him all the joy he shared with others.

Through the Years Our Governments or the Powers that be are noted for neglecting Our Icons who has Brought Fame and Glory to Our Sweet T&T. Joey Lewis is no exception. Its only went the Public Clamor for Help for the Beacons of Our Society that they try to Help at the Last Minute. Its a Damn Shame they are always forgetting the Contributions of Our Heroes. I hope that they Remember Joey and try and Assist Him and others in their Time of Need.

If they find out at the last minute, they can only help at the last minute. We don't know, if THEY know. Do we?

Go to the Ministry of Social Development ,there is assitance for Special Achievers .These persons are given a little help. A lot of Calypsonians and other persons have been assisted.

Thanks for this info.Rhonda Dennis, now it's up to someone in T&T to work with Joeys family so he can receive the help that's available. 

I spoke to his wife today and allowed her to speak to an officer at the ministry so things will work out hopefully. I used to live in Gonzales and went to school with the children. God is good all the time.

Rhonda Dennis, YOU ROCK.. and yes GOD is good all the time.

He will get the help paperwork has started he'll get an income to assist. These things have to go to a board the okay was granted already. I try my best to help those most in need. My parents brought me up to always lend a hand to others,and I have trained my children to do the same.  There is a senior citizen who I assisted with a loss pension cheque and today we are good friends .She is 102 yrs. old and came to look for me yesterday I love that lady I'll miss her when she dies

Rhonda, We are blessed to be a blessing, your parents did a excellent job.


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