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It saddens me to say this, after all the fight from both the local and international pan world, but after some results in the semi-final round of Panorama 2011, i cannot agree more. PANORAMA (JUDGING) IS KILLING PAN.

Firstly let me say that i didnt play with nor have afilliations with any particular band. I dont know, and i stand to be corrected, that there's any Judge in the Panorama competition that got a greater listening position, or has vastly greater academic or musical experience than many of the members or visitors of this WST website. I might go even further to compare them to the average visitor to the panyards.

To think that year after year, people expect and beg of Pan Trinbago to find the MOST Competent Panel of Judges, and i firmly believe this is one area that the organization unfortunately fails every single year.

In regards to the title of my discussion, after listening to every band LIVE and then seeing the results, there is no way the judges came even close to getting it right based on the CRITERIA. Even though the criteria itself is another topic for discussion, based on what we have to go by right now, something has gone terribly wrong with our judging system.


When 90% of listeners have commented on the poor tonal quality sound of a band like SILVER STARS, among other valid observations, how can they come out on top? It goes further into what growth can  be expected for pan by Panorama Competition??? NONE!! WHY?  When you have a competition that you cant expect to hear anything different from the previous years, and this is being rewarded with full marks, can we really ever expect growth??


I will leave it here for now and leave it up to the pan world to discuss. Let's wake up, be real, whether our band is on top or not, is this fair to the Artform???


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It is a shame that the decisions of the judges could bring out such animosity every year. If as Pan Trinbago like shaking things up ... Why not have seven judges...remove both the highest and lowest scores to total 30% of the final score and let the people decide the other 70% that way we would have judges who live the music and not just get paid to decide on political lines.
we may all talk about this next year, as we know things may change in Trinidad but they always stay the same.

It is a pity the the sickness of NEGATIVITY is rampant in Trinidad and prevails in all part of our society.  I certainly am not a fan of Silver Stars, it is a band that has a lot of noise and the drill master antics borders on clownery, but amid the noise there is something that merits the arrangement.

It is now the onus on the rest of the arrangers to go away and return on final night with the product that can box Silver Stars and Phase11 into the second place and else where. A COMPETITION IS SUPPOSED TO FIRE THE ADRENALINE. That is how we get the sweet music we are given for panorama.

Every year we get the bleaters after the day, but what have anyone of them have to put in the place of Panorama ? Put down on paper the answer to that question, because that competition provides a lot of good things for many people. The selfishness of "My Band Did Not Win" or " I Do Not Like The Judges Decision" takes second place to positivity of that Panorama

I do not trust or understand a person who starts off a comment with a denial. It is this type of person with a hidden agenda who is killing Pan this person and Gypo Gypsy. The judges this year are not the judges of the past so are we saying that no one can judge the Panorama?

Firstly, I can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT, who the judges are and when they change. It's sooooooo SAD that the only time a different SOUND (BAND) is when the sitting judges leave or are replaced. In the years when Jit & Bradley were rampant, it wasnt the Kind of arrangement that changed but the JUDGES. Not the criteria but the JUDGES.. PAN JUDGING is tooo SUBJECTIVE.. As long we have certain judges who pay more attention to the APPREARANCE OF A BAND, than their ARRANGEMENT, or how the crowd react at the end as opposed to the TONAL QUALITY, then anyone who aint seeeing the detriment to our culture based on that.. BLIND!!


TO answer you final question, OF course there are people to judge panorama, but more than that let's at the persons true ability to be able to FAIRLY JUDGE what is brought before them. Let's look at limiting OPINIONS on the score sheet and more CAREFUL, OBJECTIVE Scoring.

Im good with alot of bands, and im able whether true a band or a third party see score sheets, and you have comments like, EXCELLENT INTRO, VERY GOOD MELODIC DEVELOPMENT, EXCELLENT USE OF MOTIFS, AN ENDING LIKE NONE OTHER, and at the end of it all gives that band 75pts, what school you went to? Where you learn to do this. We have VERYYYY FAR TO GO!

i couldnt agree more...i was realy surprised at the results after the semi finals
There is no need for Panorama. The decision as to who wins the big moneyis not determined by who plays best but by the question "Who we giving it to this year?" or 'Who getting their throat cut this year?"  I do not understand  the sudden fixation on Silver Stars or what so original/different about Phase2.Might as well just let the judges toss up the names in a hat and pick one.
We finally wake up the brother is so right.

The title is incorrect, misleading and sends the wrong message. Panorama will not kill Pan and the judging will not kill Panorama...and the issues with the Arts & Culture Minister should not be mixed up..... however we will always have problems with adjudicating like in any other contest or sport. this is because of the Human nature factor. some suggestions ought to include (1) annual rotation of the adjudicators,(2)  programs (Classes) for adjudicating, (3) thorough screening of would be adjudicators. (4) having adjudicators who are musically qualified and who can actually arrange a Panorama song would be a big help and not simply having "Qualified musicians". (5) Try having two separate panels of adjudicators ( three judges each plus their alternates). Selecting of the most appropriate adjudicators should be a constant endeavour of Pan Trinbago. It should be a dedicated job of Pan Trinbago of doing an analysis of the adjudications of each category. A red flag should immediately go up for instance if in a panel of three adjudicators two are close and the other is some 20 points away. In the case of the popular bands versus the not so popular bands ...The integrity of the adjudicators has to be called into focus and this can be encouraged through workshops design for Adjudicators same as refrees of various sports. In the end the best we can hope for is a musically qualified individual who knows how to arrange a Panorama song, who has integrity and an unbias approach to the job of adjudicating.


Let me state, that the reason for the title, is just that. WHATEVER the issues of the minister may not be mine but i feel the same way until we can do something about the issues. I have heard over 30 persons state on sunday night before and after the results, THEY WOULD STOP PLAY PAN. I know of one particular band that begging their players to come into the yard to have a meeting, and the majority is saying no way, for what, we carnival done???




In any democratic space in this world, there is room for appeal. A HIGH COURT RULING CAN BE THROWN OUT. So why subject pannist to this dictatorship type of law. What is it about pan judging or Trini judgin that has to be soo hidden. At the end of the day nearly everyone know who the judges are, if someone wanted to, (and im in no way  insinuating such) they can attack or hurt a judge outside of the savannah, but as far as i know we are not that type of people.


So let's find was tp have pan judging less tainted with biasness. One simple method is like the olympics, Posting the Judges score right after a band performs. WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF?? IM POSITIVE A JUDGE IS MORE LIKELY TO

1. Listen more attentively to post as close of a true reflection of what was performed by the band.

2. Be more capable because they not gonna subjecting themselves to that, if they not.

Simple but drastic measures like that, is needed in this 21st century.


To touch on this;


"In the end the best we can hope for is a musically qualified individual who knows how to arrange a Panorama song, who has integrity and an unbias approach to the job of adjudicating."


Not in 2011, probably in the 80's. With a million dollar first prize, pannist dedicating months of their LIFE and "We can HOPE FOR". NOT AT ALL.  TAKE SOME OF THE MILLION $$$ AND INVEST IN A BETTER JUDGING SYSTEM. HOPE??? This is my point we sit and accept anything that is given..

I didn't hear all the large bands play. I heard some in my vehicle whilst driving to and from my Tent performance, and I heard some on television. Different speakers. But when I heard Silver Stars on television, they sounded the best. I really enjoyed their performance. Like politics, I don't have any favorites.

If you are in competition. you have to take what comes with it. The choice is yours. This is not athletics where you run or jump and win. This is where you perform music vocal or instrumental, or as an entrant in a Beauty Contest, and you are being judged by people like yourself with different tastes and likeness.

Apart from all that, we know what happens with judging in T&T Carnival. Ent ?

Whatever the results, please try not to allow them to prevent you from enjoying your Carnival, or behave in such a manner as the 2nd placed winner of the 2011 Chutney-Soca Competition. 

Do Have a safe Carnival.

Well said KJ. You deserve a big discount.

We should take a warning from the Chutney Soca bachannal and recognize that all this obscene first prize has done is to bring out the worst aspect of our characters ....namely greed, jealousy and tribal allegiencies.

The increase in prize money should have been shared among the first 3 to 5 places. It is not too late to change the distribution for the Panorama and simply distribute the extra million down the food chain in proportion to last year's allocation.

What you HEARD, but is it fair to say what you heard of Silver Stars they were the best and how do you equate their interpretation of that song against all the other bands for what song they played. If you did not hear all the other bands is it fair to say that Silver Stars SOUND the best. How did you conclude that they sounded the best and reached the criteria expected of them.

Subtle suggestion is easily planted in people's  minds and because Silver Stars has won the last two PANORAMA's we have prematurely concluded thay they will win the competition this year and all of Trinidad has given them the prize, leaving themselvesopen to disappointment and give the haters the opportunity to say. THEY THIEF if Silver Stars lose

Music is not a complete science, music is open to interpretation, what one person hears another might not. If you had asked all the people who replied to your article to put the bands in position from one to ten, I am sure by now you would have a hundred different results. Does that make us all wrong??? No.

The panorama competition will always have detractors because more people lose than win (it's the nature of the beast) but the competition is held with the spirit of carnival, I notice that most people who write on these are not actually playing in panorama, therefore they lack the spirit of carnival - which is vital.

I personally believe panorama arrangements in Trinidad have not progressed over the last ten years, the youth need to be given a chance.

But bands want success overnight..........

For the record Gypsy is 100% right


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