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It saddens me to say this, after all the fight from both the local and international pan world, but after some results in the semi-final round of Panorama 2011, i cannot agree more. PANORAMA (JUDGING) IS KILLING PAN.

Firstly let me say that i didnt play with nor have afilliations with any particular band. I dont know, and i stand to be corrected, that there's any Judge in the Panorama competition that got a greater listening position, or has vastly greater academic or musical experience than many of the members or visitors of this WST website. I might go even further to compare them to the average visitor to the panyards.

To think that year after year, people expect and beg of Pan Trinbago to find the MOST Competent Panel of Judges, and i firmly believe this is one area that the organization unfortunately fails every single year.

In regards to the title of my discussion, after listening to every band LIVE and then seeing the results, there is no way the judges came even close to getting it right based on the CRITERIA. Even though the criteria itself is another topic for discussion, based on what we have to go by right now, something has gone terribly wrong with our judging system.


When 90% of listeners have commented on the poor tonal quality sound of a band like SILVER STARS, among other valid observations, how can they come out on top? It goes further into what growth can  be expected for pan by Panorama Competition??? NONE!! WHY?  When you have a competition that you cant expect to hear anything different from the previous years, and this is being rewarded with full marks, can we really ever expect growth??


I will leave it here for now and leave it up to the pan world to discuss. Let's wake up, be real, whether our band is on top or not, is this fair to the Artform???


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couldn't say it better myself i totally agree.


Are you people now start going to panorama? Is years upon years those judges doing foolishness,points in dustbin, judging the wrong song,points changing after going to the bathroom.I say trini get accustom to that.

So are you saying we should get accustommed and leave it be. When year after year, the number of pan players getting smaller because of this?? As i stated earlier, i rather see pan Jamming on the GRAMMY's that pan players being subjected to this nonsense. BETTER WE CANCEL THE COMPETITION.. OH NO!! Then certain officials wouldnt be able to live the way they do... Talk done..


the picking of the judges is done by who?

are there resumes submitted to the panel if there is one.?

are there any band leaders or arrangers on this panel.?

are bands being represented during the selection of these judges.?



I noticed for soca monarch the judges resumes were posted, at least you know.

sometimes we can't, fix what is broken but we could design a better one.

The Grandmaster is resting, but his words will live on. What is carnival without bacanal?.That is my piece, I man gone.
There will never be fair/unfair judges in panorama. Every year it's the same d**n thing. Controversy upon controversy that will never end. Listen to the pan, enjoy and move on, because your band could never be better than my band. My band is the best band in the world, yeah, the whole wide world. Sounds unfair but that's the way it is going to be. No questions, please.
It's sad that this is your opinion. Its like watching GYMNASTICS in the olympics and people saying, well it would never be fair or unfair so lets just watch it, smile and enjoy.. PLEASE!! there's a way to judge pan fairly, let's find it and then move on!!

This is what killing pan. Talk like that would only put panmen and women against each other. We already have to deal with that 2 million dollars 1st prize, an introduction and the incitement to hate and be 'jeolous 'a winner'. All bands play to win and I think they accept defeat. Once there are no instruments to measure and judge music, there would always be dissatisfaction and discontentment and we have to accept that.

Panorama is killing pan only if we continue that negative talk. Last year, as my brother mentioned, Exodus was eleminated. This year, Renegades is the fatality. We know they are world class bands. They know that also. All 16 and more Trinidad Bands are World Class Bands. They all have their particular strengths and weaknesses. We must not 'prove' that Minister Gypsy' is right especially when many of us do not know what he is talking about.


That 2 million $ 1st prize is to introduce the negatives among the interest groups. Money will make us fight bitterly. There will no longer be a love among the Artistes. Pantrinbago was onthe right track when we asked for even distribution. TUCO and NCBA woul also prefer equal distribution. We all work hard for a successful Carnival. No one worked harder that the other. We have had the result of the 1st 'Competition. Was it accepted by the audience and other performers? Can we expect that to happen on the following Saturday. Should we expect Players to walk with weapons when the results are announced?  All the Artistes of Carnival would have to prepare more for disappointments especially with this 2 million $$ evil'                                        


Congratulations to the 44 Bands that played on Sunday. You all were all winners. We all have our preferences but we have to accept the results and stop the 'fighting' We have passed that stage. Hard luck Renegades!.


Thanks for all of the comments including the one that said it best " My band is the best band in the whole world. " I try to be objective when the final night comes.  I have my favourite band ( Renegades ) like all other pan lovers.  I confess, I am no judge.  I do not know what the judging criteria is.  At 270 points for the tied leaders from last nights Semi Finals, I do know that, that points total will expand possibly to over 400 points for the final.  There must be an explanation for that.  The bands may not be judged entirely on what we all hear, including Trinidad favouritism and politics.  However, on final night, I look for a certain presentation based upon many brilliant previous Panorams winners. If my band does not reach that level, I personally eliminate them from winning the title if they made it to the finals.

I accept that the top ten bands deserve to be there. However, the winner must excite me with its presentation from the time they bow and start playing their selection to the end of their performance.  By final night we already know what the selection is and the arrangement will be.  I assume that the judges do as well.  Could it be that the band that shows the most passion, dressed the best,played at an exciting tempo,wowed the crowd ( including visitors and others who do not even have a favourite band ), and performed at a higher level than the other bands, become the winner of  past, present and future Panoramas?

Based upon my "could it be "above, can we honestly say that we apply it to our band,"the best band in the whole world? "  An exciting black comedian used to say "Hmmmmmmmm" until he got canned himself.



Maybe we should do away with the $2 million dollar evil. Maybe there should be no prizes, period. Maybe Panorama will go on and everyone will enjoy without controversy. maybe, maybe maybe!.





So i not arguing about renegades, despers, or phase 2, im arguing about the inconsistency of JUDGING.

YOU SAY HARD LUCK RENEGADES.... Like its a game of marble pitch or something.. What is truly killing pan is people like you who don;t have the guts to admit when someone we like or dislike make a truthful statement.

At the end of the day, in my profession as a producer i have learnt many things, but ONE i will never forget is:

GOOD OR BAD, IT FALLS ON YOU - THE PRODUCER. In this case it;s Pan Trinbago. If the show comes off great we praise them, if the Judges, patrons or security do crap, do you know who you blame?? THE PRODUCERS - PAN TRINBAGO. That;s the entertainment business.


We clearly miss leaders like the late great Rudolph Charles. Who would stand up for all the band that cant or afriad to stand for themselves.

If you consider this forum a battle zone and our discussion as fighting, then somebody need to wake you up and let you know we're in the year 2011. This is where it happens.


I would like you to take a few minutes and look at the video attached and tell me if my DISCUSSION TITLE ISNT JUSTIFIED. When soca artistes and dj's are more prominent in the semi-final of pan, you want to argue that Panorama not killing pan.

When the judges penalizing bands for not starting because THIS VIDEO clearly shows the level of revelry and NOISE from the north stand and Pan Trinbago did nothing about it. No.. Panorama not killing pan.

Performers like KES could perform on a dj system, and the drummer in the band cant keep the timing because the rhythm section TOO LOUD.. No Panorama Not KILLING PAN... It KILL IT DEAD..



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