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Barbara Sealy Rhoden

History is replete with examples of the outstanding African woman, who not only cared for their family, she ruled nations with justice, fortitude and wisdom. Moreover, she consorted with her husband and had singular prominence and power.  Back then, women like Queen Amanireras of the Candace line in Ethiopia took command of her army and rode at the head of her troops against the Romans.  Another woman, Queen Nzinga of Angola continued in the tradition of resistance to struggle against Portuguese colonialism.   These women were warriors and are the genesis from with the jamette of Trinidad and Tobago emerged.

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Yvette Johnson says "tune into Barbara Sealy Rhoden's Steelpan Programs on Saturdays. Times below."
March is here, it's Women's History Month, the weather is fine and two exciting programs are scheduled for Saturday March 10, at 11 am on WNRG 107.9FM streaming live at www.energydancemix.com and 7pm on 100.7FM and 94.7FM streaming live at www.hot947fm.com.  Be sure to tune in.
See you on the radio! Barbara Sealy Rhoden, Producer & Host - SteelpanVibes...It's More Than Music!
Pan is our passport
"SteelpanVibes....It's More Than Music" 60 minutes of the finest steelpan recordings of soloists, ensembles and orchestras, plus talk that inspires!

In your piece on Jamettes you mentioned some famous names None of which I knew but I was disappointed you didnt mention the famous All Stars jamette Bubba Lups  She was NOT the first but she was certainly the most outstanding and creative Jamette/flag woman of any band  in any era and her commanding size and height made her even more prominent.

May be you could do some research on her and add her to your piece. She died recently ignominiously in Charlotte St Hospital.. Thanking you Paddy Corea musician.

Paddy, thanks for your comment and suggestion.  Will follow up.


Here's Chalkdust recognizing "Bubba Lups" in 'I In Town Too Long'

Wonderful article Barbara. Keep up the good work.

Andalcio [Andy] Lewis


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