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Jonathan Scales -- Just some simple math & music education for the people!

Just some simple math & music education for the people!
(alongside my heroes Jeff Coffin, Futureman Roy Wooten, & Jay White)

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Merrytones, some time ago I mentioned that in conversation with some of the best I found that they tend to appreciate each other for what they bring to the table, and do not really like the comparisons that we like to make.

Besides , there's always some unheralded individual out there somewhere in the world , mastering the art form , even excelling , but out of the spotlight.

 This is where the question of leadership comes into play, Black Stalin says after Panorama they don’t take the Pan at home and keep practicing, we all know this can help them master the art form.

 How do we help them develop their skills, how do we identify their potential in the Panyards, are there competitions to help them get exposure?

Black Stalin - One Tune Pan Man

Great point ODW.

I will!!! I will come back later and explain!!!

BTW , thanks for the CD , Claude. Not  bad at all !

merrytonestothebone: Ironically, I answered that question before you even asked it when I used the metaphor: "To me, it was like he was playing in slow motion walking along a library wall full of music and casually picking out notes from this vast reference section."

Only a highly skilled, superior MUSICIAN could do that -- not a PANMAN. 

Now, I just gave you my short answer. But I have been involved in this specific discussion for decades with rabid PAN LOVERS. And I could easily give you  a twenty page response. What did Billy Joel say: "I don't want clever, conversation, I never want to work that hard ...."

Now yuh have CASPAR DURANT harassing meh. Good thing Dr. Achong come and chase RUDY away or I would have been getting jam up from all sides.

And tell Cecil Hinkson that ONE LEAD PAN with a qualified musician is all we need to CONQUER THE WORLD.

One  lead pan is not a STEELBAND, my concern is the steelband.

Cecil: You know we understand each other. Your concern is the STEELBAND and my concern is somebody from TRINIDAD making a piece of PAN MUSIC (ONE PAN ONLY -- I eh in the STEELBAND TING) that could get INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION. A Black Yankee and a White Yankee doing it -- why, tell me why can't  a TRINI fly!!!

I think Trini can't fly because he don't realize what he has. if they had you would have had enough music.

"Only a highly skilled, superior MUSICIAN could do that -- not a PANMAN."…that's it right there bro…lol..

"Chase Rudy away" wah?

Yuh full a joke eeh!

I have been savoring the victory that Dr. Achong won for Pan! Since the distinguished Steelpan professor dropped so many jewels last weekend, I have been thinking about the many directions he has presented as far as moving forward.

Dr. Achong gave me strength and added conviction to carry on the mission!

Bwai, yuh really know how fi draw people out!

Rudy: I want you to keep posting. So meh haffa draw yuh out from time to time. Look how dem TRINIS try to kill me for my opinion. Especially that MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE who I thought was my second best friend on the forum.


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