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Jonathan Scales -- Just some simple math & music education for the people!

Just some simple math & music education for the people!
(alongside my heroes Jeff Coffin, Futureman Roy Wooten, & Jay White)

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My apologies Claude boy…as you rightly said …it's "your" opinion…and of course you are entitled to it…go brave bro…Just remember…"friends don't let friends drive drunk"….

Merrytones: I am glad to see that both you and me have the same sensitivity to this topic on opposite sides of the coin. I would like to see the discussion expanded and have about 15 to 20 people participate so maybe I could get brainwashed to the other side. But I am loaded with conviction on my side of the coin and maybe some day I will make my points. If ah take ah drink ah CASASHA like dem Yankee swimmers in Brazil ah might really come on the forum and spill my guts on the topic like meh new pardner Rudy does on his pet peeves.

Ah did not know that Caribbean people still believe in GOD and the DEVIL in this present tense 2016. Like dey did not hear OBAMA accuse the poor white people in Pennsylvania of clinging to their bible in these modern enlightened times.

Ah going ah bus ah lime. I will check you and bugs when ah come back.

You see me here Claude boy…I was just beginning to wonder if all dem jab jab in Grenada guilty too…but ah see WST take care of the issue…bravo again...

I have the utmost respect for Andy Narell because whatever he does it's done with the whole pan family. It is my opinion that today most of the new music we hear just have the sound of A pan, are we witnessing to removal of the LEAD PANS from the steelband?

Jonathan Scales is an agent of Satan in the World of Pan. 

To add insult to injury, he has the symbol of Hitler's SS on his t-shirt!

ok...Rudy Kendall...this is getting a little silly! 

Mr. Scales: If you ever find the time or have the inclination, I can give you a little historical email lesson (filled with videos and recordings) on the crossover (successful crossover) history of CALYPSO in North America. With your musical background and expertise and access to extremely talented musicians, if you studied these selections I am sure that you could compose some masterful pieces of entertaining CALYPSO infused music which the world will love.

Having listened to Mr. Scales unique , free spirited musical compositions , I think it would be presumptuous for any of us to tell him the direction he should take his music , Claude.

One of the reasons the he has become such an outstanding talent is because , as the saying goes , he "does his own thing"

Glenroy: Let me tell you one of the philosophical positions I have accepted in life: ANYBODY CAN ASK ANYBODY FOR ANYTHING!!! I am not telling him what direction to take his music; I am asking him to take one dive into the CALYPSO POND.

It is kind of simplistic to think that because he ventures into some off-beat genre that he will suddenly drop everything else he is doing and start playing CALYPSO.

Look what Alicia Keys just did with CALYPSO. Does that mean that she left her musical agenda because she added a little SOCA to a song?

You posted the link there, now address the root of the issue here!



Please tell me why my last posts were removed!

Thank you.

All these nonsensical comparisons!

I happen to be a fan of Jonathan Scales . He is a young panist who brings something new and different ( and youthful ) to the genre.

Among the younger generation of panists  I'm also a fan of Freddie Harris III.

There are my favorites , people 

I'm not comparing anybody to anybody , because I'm sure there are other great young ones out there.

(Mia , for example)

My overall favorite soloist , based on his work that I've been exposed to is Robbie Greenidge.

Again , not saying who is better than who , just my favorites.

And BTW , on another topic , part of the problem with modern steelband music is the fact that they are playing too much "old people music ", and not trying anything new , claiming "dat is we culture".


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